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Lessons from the rough price of russia

Lessons from the rough price of russia

Lewis hamilton feels thwarted by higher powers. Penalties in the victory of his mercedes teammate valtteri bottas in sochi, russia, throw the formula 1 world champion back to third place.


World championship leader lewis hamilton is not very happy with the race judges and the world governing body fia. "They want to stop me, don’t they?"The mercedes driver claimed after the controversial time penalties that robbed him of his 91st career victory. Grand prix victory and the setting of michael schumacher’s record. "No one before him has ever received a ten-second penalty for something so ridiculous," hamilton said of the forbidden trial starts before the race began. The 35-year-old is not facing a ban for the time being because the commissioners removed the penalty points originally imposed on hamilton from the fia’s records this evening. But the debate about the penalty point system could not be over yet.

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Without becker to the second title – djokovic humiliates nadal

Without becker to the second title - djokovic humiliates nadal

Novak djokovic had to do without boris becker on his way to old strength. Without the three-time wimbledon winner, who was signed up with much fanfare at the end of last year, the serb secured the prestigious masters double in indian wells and miami for the second time.

On sunday, the 26-year-old humiliated his spanish rival rafael nadal 6-3, 6-3 in the key biscayne final and celebrated his second title of the year. While becker is at home in london recovering from the effects of a spontaneous hoof operation, djokovic is playing as strongly as he did at his best under the direction of his long-term coach marian vajda.

All just a coincidence? Or a first sign that the spectacular liaison between djokovic and becker is already slowly drawing to a close again? "Marian is not just a coach for me. He’s a real friend," said djokovic after the astonishingly one-sided final against a chanceless nadal. "He knows me better than boris, of course, but boris has only just started working with us," says the serbian.

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“Focus”: hoeneb’s self-disclosure does not mitigate punishment

According to "focus," the public prosecutor’s office in munich II considers uli hoeneb’s self-disclosure not only invalid, but also not mitigating the penalty. This is reported by the magazine with reference to the indictment.

Neither the public prosecutor’s office nor the lawyers of the FC bayern president wanted to comment on friday. "I am not commenting on the report," said a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office.

According to "focus", the prosecution is to assume that hoeneb did not write the self-disclosure of his own free will and out of remorse, but because a journalist had discovered and researched the tax evasion beforehand. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the self-reporting is also flawed in terms of content and has major holes, reports "focus".

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“Minimum wage creates more wages and employment”

The statutory minimum wage was introduced on january 1, 2019. January 2019 increased to 9.19 euros. For the german trade union federation (DGB) of upper franconia, this is an occasion to take a look at the development of employees and wages since the introduction of the minimum wage in a press release.

DGB regional manager mathias eckardt: "four years after its introduction, we can draw a positive balance: the statutory minimum wage has brought more pay for many employees. Contrary to the prophecies of doom from employers and economic researchers, employment has not fallen. On the contrary, employment subject to social security contributions is now at an all-time high. The minimum wage has boosted private consumption and thus contributed to the current upswing."

A recent DGB analysis of new figures from the federal statistical office and the federal employment agency shows the positive effects on earnings and employment development. Both employment subject to social security contributions and wages had developed positively since the introduction of the statutory minimum wage at the beginning of 2015.

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Bavaria before the easter championship – hsv must win

Bavaria before the easter championship - hsv must win

Can the FC bayern munchen already win the 28. Celebrate championship? A win in the fubball bundesliga classic against borussia dortmund and no victory for schalker in the home match against SC freiburg – and the championship trophy will once again go to munich.

In contrast, no final decisions have yet been made in the relegation battle – even though another defeat for hamburger SV against vfb stuttgart has severely dampened the last hopes of the team. The 1. FC koln moved closer to the relegation zone with a win against TSG 1899 hoffenheim, while bruno labbadia is hoping for his first win in the fifth game with vfl wolfsburg against hertha BSC. Bayer leverkusen (against augsburg) and RB leipzig (against hannover 96) meanwhile want to collect points in the fight for international places.

Celebratory mood: it’s been 18 years since FC bayern last won the championship in front of a home crowd. A victory against borussia dortmund – and thus possibly the end of this series – would be entirely to the taste of the record title winner. The 28. Championship on 28. Matchday – it would be the first championship title that the munich team would secure at the allianz arena. "The fans deserve us to win the title at home," said bayern wing forward arjen robben. But the condition is that schalke (2.) against freiburg (14.) does not win.

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Please laugh – but really …

Please laugh - but really ...

Do you come with me, or do I have to come with you??", in the dark times of the third reich, cabaret artist werner finck asked gestapo officials who were writing in his performance. Another quote from the "master of unfinished sentences", who died in 1978 has already become common knowledge: "laughing is the most elegant way to show your opponents your teeth."

How many times in the past few weeks have we seen such a teeth-showing?. European leaders meet in brussel to discuss brexit with the british prime minister, and are shown "laughing" at each other the teeth to substitute a friendly approach in an unfriendly situation. Of friendship and joy for each other is despite all the "attempts to laugh" not much to remember. Rather, the quest for superiority determines the situation.

In behavioral research, observations were made many years ago with chimpanzees, and the researchers came to the conclusion that the primates show their teeth in arguments when they submit – and this is then misunderstood as laughing. So it is worth taking a closer look. Whether a person is really happy, whether one is really fond of the other, is not shown by the teeth, here it is worth taking a look into the eyes.

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First anniversary of mubarak’s fall passes peacefully

First anniversary of mubarak's fall passes peacefully

A call by more than 30 opposition groups to begin an indefinite general strike on saturday was barely heeded. Two foreigners arrested north of cairo for allegedly inciting workers to protest.

Trains and buses in the capital cairo ran as usual. Businesses had opened, and regular operations were reported at the airport. Only in tahrir square did a few hundred people gather to protest.

In an industrial city in the nile delta, an australian journalist and a u.S. Student were arrested in connection with the strike calls. According to security sources, they are accused of paying workers in mahalla al-kubra, north of cairo, to take part in the protest action. An egyptian who had accompanied both of them as a translator had also been taken into custody.

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New basic data protection regulation means volunteers now have a lot of work to do

New basic data protection regulation means volunteers now have a lot of work to do

A bureaucratic spectre from brussels is currently also frightening volunteers in association work – the basic data protection regulation. The new directive of the european union comes into force on the 25. May in force and is intended above all to better protect personal data. Volunteers in associations must also be more careful with data in the future.

New basic data protection regulation: rights for customers and consumers are strengthened

"there are certainly also one or two associations that are taking this opportunity to look a little more closely at data protection requirements for the first time ever.", says alexander filip. However, the spokesman for the bavarian state office for data protection supervision does not see any reason for concern or even panic.

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See justice with open eyes

see justice with open eyes

The new habfurt district court experienced a veritable stampede of visitors on saturday. On the "open house" day according to one estimate, around 1,000 interested burgers came to see the inside of the new, modern building.

Already at the entrance we experienced the changes at the own body. In principle, every visitor has to pass through the security gate, similar to the one at the airport. This will ensure that no banned items are brought into the building. A courtroom in which the various legal robes were on display was extensively inspected.

Velvet, silk, wool

At the district court in the color black, the robes are made of different material depending on the function of the wearer. Judges, for example, wear velvet, while lawyers wear old silk and court reporters wear woolen cloth. A tour of the upper floors was also offered, with district court director holger ebert guiding the interested visitors and providing first-hand information.

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Bad bruckenau: magazines will soon be on the shelves again

Bad bruckenau: magazines will soon be on the shelves again

Both bravo and brigitte made it into the selection. On tuesday, the city council voted on the future assortment of newspapers and magazines in the city library. The list presented by the head of the cultural office, jan marberg, in november met with approval.

With one dissenting vote, the decision was made quickly and without comment. Only adelheid zimmermann (FDP) asked whether there was a procedure for determining how often a magazine was actually read. Marberg, who was in the audience watching the meeting, denied this. It was simply not practical, since the individual titles were available for free use in the reading room.

Savings should be made

Almost a year ago, the city council decided to cancel all subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. 4000 euro per year should be saved this way. Not everyone could understand that. Now the city council has relativized its decision. The city library will be doing without 14 titles in the future, including the rhonklub magazine, micky maus and the english-language time.

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