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Second vortanzer wanted

second vortanzer wanted

"My name is mia and my hobbies are gymnastics and dancing." The limber mia thein from seblach has the ideal prerequisites for a dance mariechen. For five years now, the now twelve-year-old has been attracting everyone’s attention with her appearances for the seblach carnival association. Laura muller also likes dance and music. The five-year-old from seblach could one day become mia’s successor.

No, the altere is not thinking about quitting. But jens-peter scholz, president of the carnival association, wanted to play it safe and slowly build up a potential successor. That’s why the carnival club invited girls to a kind of casting at the seblach school via the city of seblach’s official and information bulletin. "We are also looking for a little dance girl", confirmed scholz at the beginning of the taster session.

Rough selection did not offer itself to the responsible persons of the carnival association seblach. As the only interested person appeared laura. And she was very impressed by three trainers and the president of the club. Somewhat shy, the little girl hid her face and, once spoken to, did not want to answer at all. Also to the surprise of her mother christine muller. "At home she sings and dances a lot", the seblach woman reports. Especially when you hear the music from the animated film "the ice queen – completely unfrightened" there was no stopping for the girl.

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New pop/rock/classical world

New pop/rock/classical world

In the beginning there was the idea: a joint concert with the two bands "schweinsohr selection" and "revolver and the bamberg symphony orchestra. This was thought of by uwe gaasch, who played in both bands. Contacts were quickly made, and heinrich ellner (former program director at radio bamberg) enthusiastically agreed to be the organizer. That was in the year 1999. They met, worked out the details and looked for a suitable landing.

As chance would have it: pastor hans lyer was also in the group and simply asked the then vicar general alois albrecht: "how was it with the cathedral square??" Albrecht agreed, and the way was clear. There were still a few problems with the locksmith and lake administration, but then everything was in the bag – the first pop event ever on the venerable cathedral square in bamberg was feasible. A novelty for the world heritage.

Bells of the cathedral included

After the "go from the official side it went to the preparation. For the moderation of the evening wolfgang buck agreed to do it. As opening act, everyone agreed, the bard uwe beuer was chosen. He comes from north rhine-westphalia and had so far thrilled countless passers-by with his ballads in the passageway of the bamberger town hall. Just as grandiose and sovereign was his appearance on the cathedral square.

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