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Brics states jerk closer together

brics states jerk closer together

They also called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in syria and recognized iran’s right to a peaceful nuclear program.

The heads of state and government of the brics countries also expressed their concern about the crisis in the euro zone and the tense situation of the global economy on thursday in the indian capital. The joint development bank is intended to support projects in the brics countries and other emerging markets that are not supported by the international monetary fund (IMF) and the world bank. "We have instructed the finance ministers to assess the feasibility of this proposal by the next summit (in a year)," said indian prime minister manmohan singh.

In addition, agreements were signed to facilitate trade within the brics network. This includes the simplification of lending in the respective national sovereigns by the national development banks. According to experts, the agreement could more than double the volume of trade between the five countries to about 500 billion dollars (375 billion euros) by 2015.

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After the terror in halle: afd argues with its critics

After the terror in halle: afd argues with its critics

After the right-wing extremist terrorist attack in halle, germany, the afd is refusing to apportion blame.

"It is deeply shameful that such political instrumentalization is now beginning in connection with this terrible act in halle," afd federal chairman jorg meuthen told the deutsche presse agency on saturday at the hessian afd state party conference in neuhof. Bjorn hocke of the right-wing nationalist "flugel", on the other hand, did not address the accusations in an election campaign speech in erfurt.

Politicians from other parties again attacked the afd fiercely. "I don’t believe the concern that is being feigned in some places," said bavaria’s minister president markus soder (CSU) at the young union’s german state convention in saarbrucken. "The afd is not on the way to becoming a better and more honest CDU. The afd is on its way to being the true NPD in germany."The afd is "everything, but it is not bourgeois", said soder. "The afd does not want to go back to the 80s and 90s – some of its functionaries want to go back to the 30s."The federal constitutional court ruled in 2017 that the npd is unconstitutional.

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Un secretary general deeply concerned about situation in egypt

un secretary general deeply concerned about situation in egypt

The leaders of the parties to the conflict should do everything possible to avoid further loss of life. Ban trusts that, if there is no violence, agypt will find a way out of the crisis.

After friday prayers, tens of thousands of islamists protested against mursi’s ouster. The prayer leader at the islamist protest camp in front of the rabea al-adawija mosque in cairo reportedly said: "even if they kill us all, we will not retreat." He shouted to the faithful: "the places of protest are like a piece of paradise."More serious rallies by islamists have also been reported in alexandria and bani sueif.

The government had given the security forces the green light to clear the two crude islamist protest camps in cairo. So far, however, the police have allowed mursi’s supporters, who belong to the muslim brotherhood and several smaller islamist parties, to remain unharmed.

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Mistaken airplane shooting: new protests in iran

mistaken airplane shooting: new protests in iran

After the mistaken shooting down of a passenger plane, criticism of the leadership of the islamic republic is also growing in iran. After initial demonstrations on saturday, there were again protests on sunday, some of them rough.

Protesters received support from u.S. President donald trump, who assured them of assistance. "We follow their protests closely and are inspired by their courage," he wrote in twitter messages in english and persian to the "brave, long-suffering" iranian people.

Up to 3000 people protested against the government in west tehran on sunday, according to the ILNA news agency . The participants also criticized the cover-up of facts by the iranian government at the asadi place.

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Needs of dementia patients

needs of dementia patients

Caring for a loved one with dementia is demanding. And it can drain the strength of the nurturer. That’s why time out is very important. But a vacation in a hotel is not always possible with someone suffering from dementia. An alternative here is the five-day time-out for dementia patients and their relatives at the catholic rural adult education center feuerstein (KLVHS) in ebermannstadt.

This fall, birgit pohl from the specialist center for carers at the diakonie and her team of volunteers once again invited people to the flintstone. Couples from the region, from berlin and from munich came to the meeting.

Not always the youngest either

The guests suffering from dementia are lovingly cared for by the volunteers, while the relatives can exchange information or even go on a tour. "I always go on a trip to forchheim with the members of my family. Because they are usually no longer the youngest, and here you can make good city tours", tells birgit pohl.

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