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Liberation for hofl-riesch: “perfect weekend”

liberation for hofl-riesch: 'perfect weekend'

"This was a perfect weekend for me – two podiums here, expectations exceeded," said the double olympic champion after her first podium finishes in speed events this season.

A week ago, during her first world cup break since the 2005/06 season, she was still sick in bed and had longingly watched the races in bad kleinkirchheim only on TV. Now the 27-year-old skier made an impressive comeback in cortina d’ampezzo against the imposing backdrop of the dolomites.

"The result was already surprising after the prehistory. Nobody had calculated that she would finish second and third," admitted alpine director wolfgang maier. "This was a very good weekend for maria. The others have partly remained clearly behind the expectations."Viktoria rebensburg and veronique hronek were eliminated in the super g by lindsey vonn (USA). In the downhill race won by the premiere winner daniela merighetti (italy), they finished 13th and 40th respectively. Vonn, meanwhile, drew level with austria’s renate gotschl (17 victories) after super-G victories and edged out katja seizinger by one win – further consolidating her comfortable lead in the overall standings.

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Innogy manager attacked: motive in “professional environment

innogy manager attacked: motive in 'professional environment

Innogy manager bernhard gunther, who was seriously injured in an acid attack, sees the motive behind the act in his “professional environment.

The 52-year-old said in an interview with the newspaper "handelsblatt" that he suspected a particular person of being the client. A suspect was arrested at the end of october and released after a good four weeks.

After the arrest, several media had already reported suspicions against a competitor. Gunther said in response to a question from the "handelsblatt" newspaper about whether he suspected a particular person: "yes. Interestingly, the prosecutor’s office did not contradict these media reports. Obviously, however, the judiciary does not have sufficient evidence so far. And rightly we have the principle of presumption of innocence."

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Mexico fights its junk food epidemic

Mexico fights its junk food epidemic

The parrot with the colorful breakfast cereals, the bakermeister bar and the cartoon candies with arms and legs: their days are numbered. The junk food mascots that generations of mexicans have grown up with need to disappear from packaging.

This is the result of a new regulation that will also require the labeling of unhealthy foods starting in october. The reason is an epidemic that existed in mexico even before the coronavirus came along: obesity, combined with diseases such as diabetes. They can make an infection with the virus more severe.

Back in 2016, the government at the time declared the high rates of obesity and diabetes an epidemiological emergency. 70 percent of adults and one-third of children and adolescents are overweight. Just over one in ten mexican adults has diabetes. Now the north american country – the tenth most populous in the world – has the fourth most covid-19 deaths. More than half of the 76,000 people killed had high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes, according to official figures.

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Kronach’s landlords do not see themselves as help sheriffs

Kronach's landlords do not see themselves as help sheriffs

Special times call for special measures. Anyone who had asked restaurateurs throughout bavaria at the beginning of the year whether they could imagine recording the contact data of their guests and, starting in october, checking them as well – had probably attracted strange looks for a few beer-long hours.

Now the time has actually come. Since may there is a registration duty in bavaria in guesthouses. A week ago the bavarian government has tightened this up. Instead of hoping that customers will be honest enough to disclose their personal data, and at the same time trusting that they will not fall into the wrong hands, there is now a law that will make wrongdoers pay. A guest will have to pay up to 250 euros for obvious misnomers such as "mickey mouse", "sherlock holmes" or "schnabel schneider" sign up. A restaurant owner who does not keep a registration list in his food establishment and is caught doing so will pay up to 1000 euros.

But who has the duty to supervise the list now? The economist? The police? Doesn’t closer monitoring of guests also violate various data protection guidelines??

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Tuberculosis remains the most deadly infectious disease before aids

Tuberculosis remains the most deadly infectious disease before aids

According to the world health organization (WHO), tuberculosis is still the most deadly infectious disease in the world, ahead of the immunodeficiency virus aids.

1.6 million people died of tuberculosis in 2017, as reported by the WHO in its new annual report. According to the UN, the consequences of aids killed around 940,000 people in the same year. With antibiotics, tuberculosis is curable; without treatment, it can be fatal.

The tuberculosis report published in new york on tuesday estimates that ten million people worldwide contracted tuberculosis in 2017. Officially, the WHO recorded only 6.4 million cases of tuberculosis. But the estimate is much higher, because cases often go unreported or are misdiagnosed.

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