How to Utilize Your Domain on Bluesky

Bluesky is a hot brand-new social networking platform that operates like Twitter from Twitter’s initial creator. New users are flooding into the platform as a break from Elon Musk’s vision of Twitter and the fumbles that have actually taken place given that his takeover. Upon registering for Bluesky, your username defaults to {yourdesiredhandle}., however there’s a much better and more safe choice.

Among Bluesky’s amazing functions is the capability to base your username on a hostname’s DNS record. Simply put, if you manage a hostname’s DNS, you can basically validate yourself. For instance, my Bluesky username is Let’s take a look at how you can base your username after a domain you manage!

Modification Your Manage to Your Domain

Go to Bluesky’s Settings page and click “alter my deal with”

A modal will show where you can merely alter the deal with however you’ll wish to click “I have my own domain”:

Another modal will follow requesting for the domain you want to utilize and supplies you with a TXT DNS record entry you require to produce on that domain’s DNS:

The DNS record above is a sample worth, so I have not exposed any delicate info

With the record info supplied by Bluesky, go to your DNS company and include the TXT record with the worth supplied by Bluesky. After including the record, click Verify DNS Record back at Bluesky. When Bluesky validates the record, your username will then be your domain!

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