AWS CodeDeploy Release Type Choices

CodeDeploy offers 2 (2) implementation type alternatives:

Alternative 1– In-place Release

In-place implementation: The application on each circumstances in the implementation group is stopped, the most recent application modification is set up, and the brand-new variation of the application is begun and confirmed. You can utilize a load balancer so that each circumstances is deregistered throughout its implementation and after that brought back to service after the implementation is total. Just implementations that utilize the EC2/On-Premises calculate platform can utilize in-place implementations. AWS Lambda calculate platform implementations can not utilize an in-place implementation type.

Alternative 2– Blue/green Release

Blue/green implementation: The habits of your implementation depends upon which calculate platform you utilize:

  • Blue/green on an EC2/On-Premises calculate platform: The circumstances in a release group (the initial environment) are changed by a various set of circumstances (the replacement environment). If you utilize an EC2/On-Premises calculate platform, know that blue/green implementations deal with Amazon EC2 circumstances just.
  • Blue/green on an AWS Lambda calculate platform: Traffic is moved from your present serverless environment to one with your upgraded Lambda function variations. You can define Lambda functions that carry out recognition tests and select the method which the traffic shift takes place. All AWS Lambda calculate platform implementations are blue/green implementations. For this factor, you do not require to define a release type.
  • Blue/green on an Amazon ECS calculate platform: Traffic is moved from the job set with the initial variation of a containerized application in an Amazon ECS service to a replacement job embeded in the exact same service. The procedure and port of a defined load balancer listener are utilized to reroute production traffic. Throughout implementation, a test listener can be utilized to serve traffic to the replacement job set while recognition tests are run.

The CodeDeploy representative is a software application bundle that, when set up and set up on a circumstances, makes it possible for that circumstances to be utilized in CodeDeploy implementations. The CodeDeploy representative interacts outgoing utilizing HTTPS over port 443.

It is likewise crucial to keep in mind that the CodeDeploy representative is needed just if you release to an EC2/On-Premises calculate platform. The representative is not needed for implementations that utilize the Amazon ECS or AWS Lambda calculate platform.

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