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You never ever leave house without your drone, however in your experience, you have actually in some cases struck snags when transferring it from one nation to another.

You’re presently in Dubai and thinking about bringing your drone from there to India.

Can I bring a drone from Dubai to India?

You can not bring a drone from Dubai to India due to updates to India’s importation policy. Just R&D and armed force can take drones into the nation.

This guide will supply great deals of convenient info so you can logistically figure out how to take a trip with a drone.

Whether you reside in Dubai and desire to broaden your horizons or you take a trip a lot, you can’t miss this post!

Can you bring a drone from Dubai to India?

The guidelines for importing drones to India from Dubai or in other places on the world were constantly difficult to manage. You either required consent or needed to transfer a drone weighing 250 grams.

Nevertheless, in February 2022, India modified its importation policy[1] to make it much more challenging.

The Indian Trade Category (Harmonised System) of Import Products, 2022, Chapter 88 of Set Up 1 (Import Policy) made modifications to Policy Condition No. 03.

The old policy checked out as follows:

” Import of Unmanned Airplane System (UAS)/ Unmanned Aerial Lorry (UAVs)/ From Another Location Piloted Airplane (RPAs)/ drones is ‘Limited’ needing previous clearance of the Directorate General of Civil Air Travel (DGCA) and import license from DGFT. Even more, import of Civil From another location Piloted Airplane (RPA) is governed according to the Standards provided by the Directorate General of Civil Air travel vide F.No.05-13/ 2014-AED Vol. IV outdated 27 th August, 2018.

Nevertheless, Nano classification (less than or equivalent to 250 grams) and running listed below 50ft/15 meters above ground level needs Devices Type Approval (ETA) from WPC Wing, Department of Telecoms for running in de-licensed frequency band( s) and does not need import clearance of the Directorate General of Civil Air Travel (DGCA) or import license from DGFT.”

The modified Policy Condition No. 03 is:

” 1. Import of drones in Completely-Built-Up (CBU), Semi-knocked-down (SKD) or Completely-Knocked-down (CKD) kind is Forbidden, with following excpetions:–

  1. Import of drones by Federal government entities, universities acknowledged by main or state federal government, federal government acknowledged R&D entities and drone producers for R&D function will be allowed CBU, SKD or CKD form based on import authorisation provided by DGFT in assessment with worried line ministries.
  2. Import of drones for defence & & security functions will be allowed CBU, SKD or CKD form based on import authorisation provided by DGFT in assessment with worried line ministries.

2. Import of drone parts will be ‘Free.'”

How to get a drone into India from Dubai (or in other places)

Okay, so generally, unless you’re utilizing a drone for R&D or federal government functions, you can’t bring it into India from Dubai or anywhere else. That leaves business and leisure pilots in a difficult area.

So what do you do? You can’t bring the drone with you, as the airline company representative will look for it. As quickly as they see it, you will not be permitted to take your drone on the airplane.

Truly then, your only alternative is to buy a drone when you get here in India.

Nevertheless, if you do, you may not lawfully be permitted to bring it back with you, so make certain you purchase an inexpensive one you will not mind parting with at the end of your journey to India.

We should likewise make you conscious that leisure pilots can’t run a UAV in India unless they’re residents. Industrial pilots should acquire a Special Recognition Number through DGCA.

Tips for taking a trip with a drone

You can’t bring a drone from Dubai to India, however you can take a trip in between other nations with a UAV. Prior to you do, have a look at this collection of pointers to make taking a trip less difficult!

Have your documents prepared

You require more than a passport and airline company tickets when taking a trip cross-country with a drone. You should likewise be prepared to produce your drone documents.

What type of documents do you require? You need to have a legitimate drone license from the licensing entity where you call house (such as the FAA in the United States or DGCA in India).

You may likewise require to acquire a license in the nation you’re taking a trip to if you want to fly a drone. If you currently obtained that license, bring it with you.

It’s constantly a good idea to register your drone, as it’s frequently a requirement in lots of nations.

You may require to sign up the drone in the nation you’ll take a trip to, however you need to bring the drone registration documents from your house nation too.

Bring your drone insurance coverage documents with you and any written consent from a federal government company or air travel authority.

In many cases, copies of these essential files need to be enough so you do not run the risk of losing the originals.

Get consent early

If you require consent to utilize a drone in a nation beyond your own, do not wait a week prior to you take a trip. This procedure can be fastidiously sluggish in many cases, needing weeks or months.

As quickly as you understand you have an interest in broadening your taking a trip horizons with your drone, you need to make an application for registration, request for consent, or cut through whatever bureaucracy you should to run your UAV.

You’ll have a lot less tension as you get your journey underway, enabling it to take place efficiently.

Purchase a drone luggage

There’s no reason for concluding a drone in a couple of layers of tee shirts and tucking it into a luggage when drone luggage exist.

We advised a few of the leading bags here, so if you do not currently have a drone luggage, please have a look at that post.

A luggage is developed for drones with a compartment that will hold your drone in one location. Your drone will be prepared to fly when you get here and unload.

” MORE: Finest Drone Knapsacks (And Tips for Taking A Trip with Your Drone)

Bring your drone in examined travel luggage

You can never ever be too mindful, even if you transfer your UAV in a drone knapsack.

It’s not like airline company personnel has X-ray vision. As soon as your drone makes it through security, the attendants on the airplane do not understand that what they’re dealing with is a drone.

Your bad UAV might wind up harmed or broken. If you invested a great deal of cash on your drone, you’ll be specifically upset. In fact, it’s heartbreaking to lose a drone no matter just how much or little you invested.

By bringing your drone as a carry-on or examined travel luggage, you will not need to stress over anybody mishandling it, as you’ll be the only one to touch it beyond the security check.

Nevertheless, airline companies have size requirements for examined travel luggage and carry-ons. Check out those requirements prior to you look for a brand-new drone bag or knapsack.

If your bag is too huge, you can’t utilize it as a carry-on!

Discover the airline company’s battery requirements

How other nations relate to lithium-ion batteries differs. Some do not have any policies on this kind of battery, while others relate to lithium items as hazardous items.

Undoubtedly, lithium can potentially ignite if exposed to pressurized conditions for too long. The high pressurization rate of an aircraft cabin might produce a dish for catastrophe.

Need to you be allowed to bring lithium batteries on an aircraft, we ‘d advise taking a trip with them in your carry-on or examined travel luggage.

Numerous drone bags will have pockets or pouches for batteries, so utilize them.

By the method, you should not transfer a drone with batteries on an aircraft. If the batteries overheated and took off, your drone would be kaput.

More significantly, leaving the batteries in the drone develops excessive threat.

Count on a drone app

Drone apps are your real north when taking a trip. You can utilize the app anytime to download real-time map information and evaluation where limited airspace is.

If a momentary flight limitation increases where you prepared to fly, you’ll understand beforehand and can prepare a various path.

Make certain your app produces maps for nations beyond the United States if you’re taking a trip globally. You’ll likewise require a steady web connection to examine map information.

You need to highly think about examining the app in your hotel (or anywhere you’re lodging) instead of waiting up until you reach your drone flight course.

You may not have the ability to get a sufficient web signal if you remain in a remote location.


You can not import a drone from Dubai (or in other places) to India, as the nation modified its importation policy in 2022.

Just R&D and government-used drones can go into India.

Your next finest alternative is to purchase a drone when in India if you’re lawfully permitted to fly there.

1. Importation policy ( link)

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