Elecom Pantograph Wired Mini USB Keyboard evaluation

Elecom’s Wired Mini USB Pantograph Keyboard makes a great fellow traveler for your Mac, although it is a bit heavy.

Popular Japanese electronic devices maker Elecom uses a little, creative, premium USB 2 keyboard – design TK-FCP096WH – which deals with Macs and a lot of PCs.

Elecom is a relatively popular brand name in Japan and is understood for its quality. Lots of leading electronic devices shops, such as Bic Video camera, and others all over Tokyo bring Elecom’s items.

Similar to a lot of things Japanese, the keyboard keeps with Japan’s visual perfects of smallness and downplayed charm.

Functions(* )

It is a little portable keyboard somewhat bigger than Apple’s own existing design cordless aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. It utilizes a wired USB 2 connection, however the absence of USB 3 should not be an issue because the quantity of information utilized by keyboards is small.

The back of the keyboard has 6 big rubber feet, and a somewhat raised location on top with a weight inside to offer the keyboard with both a slope and a little heft. In addition to keeping it from moving around on your desk, the internal inert weight likewise offers the secrets a more strong feel when typing.

The included weight, nevertheless, does make it somewhat heavy for travel – weighing in at simply under a pound versus 9 ounces for Apple’s cordless compact keyboard.

The keyboard’s non-removable USB cable television is roughly 4 and a half feet in length and utilizes a basic USB-A port.

The underside round edges have a special shape and curve to them, in some way making the keyboard much easier to get than a lot of computer system keyboards. It’s a curve that is simply enough to slip your hand under, however barely visible when you take a look at it. (* )Keys and Pantographs

Total the gadget has a strong feel – with quality plastics throughout, and unique crucial systems called


These gadgets were initially utilized to trace little images by hand to produce bigger copies on paper, and had 2 inverted movable “V”- shaped sides linked in the center with 2 round joints. Pantographs slide open and closed vertically, and their usage as crucial switches is innovative as they offer the secrets a smooth however strong click. Secret deals with consist of both English and typical Hiragana characters for English and Japanese usage. Making use of a language secret permits you to change in between either of the languages.

There are likewise a couple of special-use secrets for computer systems discovered just in Japan.

Although the TK-FCP096WH isn’t a full-sized keyboard and therefore does not have devoted PC secrets and a numerical keypad, Elecom has actually thought about an option anyhow: Page secrets lie on the arrow secrets, and are available utilizing the function secret.

Similarly, most other PC and Mac function secrets are discovered on other secrets by means of making use of the function secret:

.(* )Eject and Mac media secrets are discovered throughout the top on the Esc, number, and Erase secrets accessed by means of the function secret.


    PC Scan Lock, Print Screen, and Insert secrets are discovered on F12, Erase, and Backspace secrets, respectively, likewise accessed by means of the function secret.
  • .
  • There are both physical Mac and PC (Backspace) Erase secrets.

  • .
  • There are Mac Command and Alternative secrets on the physical Windows and Alt secrets.

  • .
  • There are 2 physical control secrets on either side of the spacebar.

  • These crucial combinations indicate you get almost the complete variety of both Mac and PC/Windows secrets on a compact keyboard for both platforms. The only significant crucial missing out on is Apple’s
  • Touch ID

  • crucial discovered on Apple keyboards.

There is likewise a small green Caps Lock LED on top right corner which lights when the Caps Lock secret is engaged. The TK-FCP096WH can be found in both white and black, although the black variation is very tough to discover both online and in retail stores in Japan itself. Total Elecom has actually developed a fine, quality keyboard, with easy, tidy style and terrific secrets – however you will feel the little additional weight if you bring it in your luggage. It’s not grossly heavy, however the additional weight is visible.

Thinking about the low expense – less than half of Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard – it makes a great addition to your travel package.


Little, with quality products.


    Streamlined style.
  • .
  • Long USB cable television.

  • .
  • Multilingual.

  • .
  • Customized secrets for both Mac and Windows.

  • .
  • Low expense.

  • .
  • .

  • A
    bit heavy for travel.
  • .

    No numerical keypad.

  • .
  • Score: 4 out of 5

  • Where to purchase

You can buy the TK-FCP096WH on

Amazon United States

and other western websites, although the gadget is imported from Japan so extra shipping might or might not use.

You can likewise discover it at numerous big Japanese electronic devices stores online, such as Bic Video Camera, if you can discover one that ships to other nations.

Elecom likewise makes little portable drives, mice, Ethernet switches, and other little computing gadgets.

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