SD-WAN Trends: 2020 vs. 2022 

Approaching a years considering that SD-WAN became a networking innovation, it is safe to state almost all business network supervisors have actually at least become aware of SD-WAN.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced IT facilities groups to accommodate remote work and sped up the shift to cloud services. These modifications in the underlay moved the cybersecurity hazard landscape and drove SD-WAN suppliers and consumers to focus more on security than ever in the past.

SD-WAN is ending up being more intricate, incorporating SASE architectures and enhancing services to satisfy the requirements of the WAN world.

When we initially asked our WAN Supervisor Study participants about SD-WAN in 2018, interest was high, however couple of participants had actually set up the innovation or started the rollout procedure.

Over the previous 4 years, early adopters who completed their releases have actually begun to examine the effect, and more business than ever remain in the rollout phase. We have actually taken a look at the business SD-WAN market every 2 years to see what has actually altered and strengthened.

SD-WAN Adoption

We anticipated reasonably quick development for SD-WAN over the previous numerous years, and if anything, believed COVID would mainly increase need– which it definitely has.

Nevertheless, while the variety of business releasing SD-WAN has actually increased considering that 2020, setup portions are lower than anticipated due to long rollout stages.

This year, 47% of participants have actually set up SD-WAN while 86% remain in some phase of embracing the innovation.

This year, 47% of participants have actually set up SD-WAN, while 86% remain in some phase of embracing the innovation.

In the previous 2 study editions, we made a note that much of our study takers may have been more proactive or forward-thinking WAN supervisors compared to deep space of business. We wish to stress this once again, although we do think this to be reflective of where the remainder of the market is heading.

The time series figure listed below notes essential shifts of where participants remained in the procedure of looking into and embracing SD-WAN in 2018, 2020, and 2022.

Phase of Adoption of SD-WAN (2018 vs. 2020 vs. 2022)


Notes: Each bar shows the portion of all legitimate participants in 2022, 2020, and 2018 who remain in each phase of SD-WAN adoption. Source: © 2023 TeleGeography

  • This year, the SD-WAN setup rate is at 47% of participants, versus 43% in 2020 and 18% in 2018. This marks a nearly 30-point boost considering that our very first study. Within the Set up classification, we consisted of any business that had SD-WAN on a minimum of part of their network.
  • The portion of participants in the Pilot/Roll Out stage has actually increased by 14%, showing that more business in the looking into stage have actually chosen to embrace and are now in the procedure of rolling the service out.

  • A minority of participants– just 5%– showed they were not embracing SD-WAN. One WAN supervisor in business Solutions market stated they were not embracing SD-WAN since they currently have their own VNF setup.

It has actually ended up being clear that presenting SD-WAN is not as quick and simple as it as soon as appeared.

What finest explains the quantity of time it took you to completely release SD-WAN on your network? (2022 )


Notes: Each bar shows the portion of participants who showed it took that quantity of time to completely release SD-WAN on their network in 2022. Source: © 2023 TeleGeography

  • Nearly three-quarters of participants reported that their SD-WAN rollout took a minimum of a year, of which, 50% stated implementation took more than a year.

The preliminary marketing for SD-WAN surrounded the capability to cut network costs “in half.” For some, that guarantee stays appealing, however the capability to produce a more nimble, versatile, enhanced network without increasing expenses has actually become an effective incentive for embracing SD-WAN.

We asked participants to rank the consider thinking about or embracing SD-WAN on a scale from one to 5, where one is not essential and 5 is incredibly essential.

Factors for Embracing SD-WAN (2022 )


Notes: Each bar shows the typical rank participants from 2022 who are at least thinking about SD-WAN as much as have actually currently installed it appointed to the provided consider regards to value in making their choice to embrace the innovation. Source: © 2023 TeleGeography

  • The aspect with the greatest typical rank was to enhance efficiency. Not far behind: to increase website capability.

  • This year, all aspects we supplied as choices were, usually, ranked a minimum of 3 and a half out of 5.

SD-WAN Management Levels

The spectrum of provider participation in a handled SD-WAN service varies by the provider and the plan selected.

It can vary from a carrier-provided unmanaged SD-WAN overlay (comparable to what you would get straight from an SD-WAN supplier) to a completely handled provider service where a supplier manages setup, continuous assistance of implementation, and policy application.

In the middle, you discover co-managed SD-WAN services where a supplier manages implementation and management, however a business can see network analytics, include applications, and develop policies through their client website.

Level of SD-WAN Management Selected/Plan to Select (2022 )


Notes: Each bar represents the portion of participants thinking about or embracing SD-WAN that have actually prepared or selected that management strategy in 2022. Source: © 2023 TeleGeography

  • Unmanaged strategies were the most popular setup among our participants (39%), followed carefully by co-managed strategies (36%), then fundamental handled or completely handled.

The patterns of SD-WAN management strategies have actually moved, and we anticipate they will continue to as more business research study and embrace SD-WAN.

Co-managed choices are popular– specifically with business that have a smaller sized IT facilities group and require to contract out some abilities, however have the ability and desire to keep some control.

This analysis was pulled from our newest WAN Supervisor Study— which now consists of information gathered throughout 2022

Download the complete executive summary to keep reading.

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