Wallenfels wants to be a pioneer in urban forest conversion

Wallenfels wants to be a pioneer in urban forest conversion

The town forest in wallenfels is to be managed in an exemplary manner, which is why a new management plan was drawn up. Mayor jens korn (CSU) pointed out at the town council meeting in neuengrun that this is required by law every 20 years. "We want to consciously take on a pioneering role in forest restructuring and have this carried out by qualified personnel", said korn. In recent years, the former city chamberlain josef holzmann has been responsible for the almost 100 hectares of city forest.

Hubertus helm, managing director of the forest owners association (WBV), said that a consultant has been commissioned to develop a new management plan for the city’s forest. The most important thing is the status survey, which is then taken over by the WBV.

Since the last survey 21 years ago, the city has lost about six hectares of forest; at that time, it was just over 100 hectares, but now it is just under that figure. As a rule, there are well-developed and water-supplied soils, which also form a solid basis for a mixed forest. Nevertheless, climate change is gaining in importance. This year’s drought poses major problems for the spruce-dominated frankenwald. The increasing weather extremes such as storms or drought with subsequent kafer infestation did not stop at the urban forest either.

With the help of graphics, he showed the city council members that the condition is quite spruce-heavy, especially in the third age class (40 to 60 years). 76 percent coniferous wood has a high operational risk. In the younger parts of the forest, the proportion of hardwoods is already significantly higher.

A major problem with other tree species is browsing by game, the forestry expert said. The increase in the urban forest was calculated at around 7.7 solid cubic meters per hectare.

The town of wallenfels will participate in the county’s mobility concept to improve local transportation. Every place should be served, regardless of its coarseness, said the mayor. The current strategy is to integrate also the school demand into one system, which will bring concrete advantages especially for the local districts. One line should become two, the children would then not have to get up so soon. It is important that flexibility is maintained and that the companies in the district are taken into account.

Councilman matthias zeitler (CSU) feared that the existing status quo could deteriorate. The mayor said that one cannot always complain that nothing is done. If something is done now, you also have to be prepared to take a certain risk. Councillor stefan schutz said that the cornerstones were in place and that there could only be improvements. CSU faction spokesman bernd stocker saw the concept as a unique opportunity. He said that the local communities in particular should be pleased that such a possibility has been created. The city council therefore unanimously agreed to put the school tender out to tender for the central elementary school of kronach as well.

Since the town council meeting in neuengrun also replaces the castle meeting there, jens korn went into the current happenings in the round village with the redesign of the church surroundings. The main part of the tree inspection was completed in a short time, the burgermeister was satisfied. The expansion of the lamitztalstrabe was completed. Next year, the neuengrun fire department will get a new tsf, jens korn announced. After the abolition of the road expansion contribution statute, the plan is to tackle a number of local roads in the coming year, following an evaluation of the roads. The county would also tackle some county roads around wallenfels.

Hans gareis criticized the wellesbach – neuengrun county road, whose rehabilitation had long been promised. He described it as a proposition if nothing happens here. The disadvantages should be inspected directly on site by the district administrator, he demanded. Mayor jens korn said that the county councilor had given his word that construction would now continue on the road.

Edelbert deuerling asked about parking in the main street, which has also been talked about for a long time.

Rita gareis complained about the three huge flagpoles, which are not appropriate for the village and asked what is hung there. Roland schmidt suggested to install them at the market place in wallenfels and to buy smaller poles for new ones.