Victory in hockenheim: rast dtm champion for the third time

Victory in hockenheim: rast dtm champion for the third time

After his third DTM coup, dominator rene rast climbed onto his audi and raised his arms in the air.

Ahead of the new era in the german touring car masters (DTM) from 2021 with new regulations, the man from minden defended his title in superior style with his seventh victory of the season at the hockenheimring. "I don’t know what to say, that was a mega race," rast said after crossing the finish line. "So much pressure and load has fallen off."

Rast relegated his only remaining rival, nico muller of switzerland, to second place in the final on sunday with a comfortable lead of 10.199 seconds. British driver jamie green was the third audi driver to complete the podium.

In the overall standings of the corona emergency season, rast (353) ended up with 23 more points than muller. Audi had long been in contention for the team title. Rast wants to keep his championship car as a keepsake. "I will try to get a car from this generation," the 34-year-old announced on sunday.

For rast, this marked the end of an exciting race to catch up: with six races to go, the defending champion was still 43 points behind muller. "There’s a lot of melancholy involved," the sworn officer confessed.

Rast missed out on early title defense on saturday. In the first weekend race he finished second behind muller. Rast went into qualifying on sunday with 13 points more on his account. And there the man from minden secured the pole position. His lead grew to 16 payers. "I couldn’t have imagined it better, the car was a grenade," said rast after starting first before the showdown.

With a lightning start, however, mike rockenfeller then edged away to second position before the first corner. In the third round, however, the DTM dominator snatched the top spot again. Muller, who started from fourth place, was the first top driver to come into the pits; rast meanwhile extended his lead.

The man from minden was briefly in the spotlight during his tire change, because he had let the wheels spin on his jacked-up car even before it hit the asphalt – the race inspectors investigated the incident. Unimpressed by this, rast won the 24-hour race. Muller regained the top position in the first round and eventually drove almost effortlessly to his third title.

Rast will be a regular driver in formula E in 2021 – he probably has nothing against a further commitment in the DTM either. The race series under the leadership of gerhard berger is getting a facelift.

This is how the DTM wants to become fit for the future after the factory teams gradually left in the past. This year, therefore, only BMW and audi were still in the running.

From 2021, new technical regulations based on the GT3 sports cars will apply in the DTM. Then private teams will start instead of factory teams. Class one is therefore passe. The 2021 season opener is scheduled for the end of may in st. Petersburg take place.

In addition, the DTM wants to trim itself down to five divisions in the future: in addition to the core DTM brand, these will be the existing DTM trophy series for talented drivers and the DTM classic series with historic cars. New additions include DTM esports for digital motorsport and possibly, from 2023, an all-electric DTM electric.