The french day is a guest in fischbach

the french day is a guest in fischbach

Editors of the french day will be there to answer their questions. Together with mayor wolfgang beiergroblein and the local town councillors, club chairmen and burghers, the fischbach issues can be discussed.
Fischbach, or more precisely the hamlet of tauschendorf, was first mentioned in 1294 in a list of the landholdings of the monastery of langheim. At that time – according to local historians – there were probably already first beginnings of fischbach itself, as it is stated in a contribution to the festschrift of the voluntary fire department from the year 2000.
Fischbach itself is mentioned for the first time in 1325. Under the amt "steinach" (meant is stadtsteinach) is a place "vischbach" registered. At that time, today’s district was not subordinate to nearby kronach, but to stadtsteinach, which was much further away.
The dependence of fischbach on the office of stadtsteinach can be traced throughout the middle ages up to the 19th century. Track the century. Traces of the former affiliation can still be found today – for example in the naming of front and back floors, because this only takes on the right meaning from the perspective of stadtsteinach.
In fischbach, there were three dynasties that continued to serve as noble landlords for almost half a century.
These were first the lords of waldenfels (from about 1450), then from about 1600 the lords of guttenberg – and finally from 1738 on the lords of reitzenstein. They lived with their families in two palaces, of which the "upper" one was the "lower" one right next to the church still exists today. It was a margravial-bayreuth fiefdom, while the lower castle existed as a fiefdom of the prince-bishop of bamberg. From the above-mentioned dynasties came a total of 24 officials.
The first schoolhouse was built in 1755. Fischbach was even briefly part of preuben, but then became part of the electorate of bavaria in 1805. A voluntary fire department was founded there in 1874, two years later a registry office was established. In 1920 came the electric light, 13 years later was built the tram to wustbuch.
In 1972, the two communities of wotzelsdorf and fischbach merged because they wanted to maintain their independence. However, this wish was not fulfilled – instead, 75 percent voted for an affiliation with kronach, thus eliminating the alternative of marktrodach.