The eternal franz bohm

The eternal franz bohm

The rumor mill is bubbling, but the parties and groups in the kitzingen city council have not yet been able to present a finished menu. With the exception of klaus christof (KIK), no candidate has yet been selected for the mayoral elections in march 2014. Nevertheless: there is some news. Things are happening behind the scenes.
30 city councillors, seven factions: these are the bare figures from the kitzingen city council. Not every faction will run a candidate for mayor in the march 2014 elections. At least that much is certain. Pro kitzingen, for example, renounces. "We will certainly not run a candidate", says franz bohm, oldest city council member on the board.

Bohm has been a kitzingen city councilor for 35 years, most of that time with the CSU. At the beginning of this legislative period, he and hans schardt founded the "pro kitzingen" group. And it should by no means disappear into oblivion. "We will participate in the elections", bohm announces. In three to four weeks he wants to have founded an association, the preamble is already in work. 30 people for the list should be found, probably bohm himself will also run again. "I don’t want to rule it out", he says. As soon as the other parties have made up their minds about the
if all parties are doing something with their candidates for mayor, pro kitzingen will also decide who to support.

They keep a low profile

this much can be easily assumed: something is happening with all parties about a year before the elections. But little leaks out to the outside world. "We keep a low profile", says SPD caucus leader dr. Brigitte endres-paul. And she is right. Her city council colleague astrid glos is also extremely monosyllabic on this topic. "I assume that a candidate will be nominated", she says, and her comment on markus ostwald’s name appearing in the smoke is monosyllabic: "already."

The chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, andreas moser, had much more to report. With the rumor that he himself will be his party’s new candidate for mayor, he is clearing the air once and for all. "Certainly not." He is on a very good way professionally and, apart from that, there are some suitable candidates. The best possible candidate is selected by a committee consisting of the parliamentary group, the local and district associations, and the women’s and seniors’ unions. A mistake of the past should not be repeated in any case. "This time, the OB candidate will also be on the list", announces moser. In the last election campaign, candidate angelika kuspert had emphasized her independence. "That cost us a few votes", says moser. The result of the next election will of course depend on what the other parties do. Moser is especially curious to see what the free voters will do. "Maybe you support klaus christof?"

Jens pauluhn for the third time?

For an answer it is much too early at the moment. "We would like to put forward our own candidate", declares parliamentary group chairwoman jutta wallrapp. A decision should be made by the beginning of the summer break at the latest. Until then: no further statements.

Jens pauluhn of the odp is similarly taciturn on this topic. Whether he will run a third time? "We have not yet taken a clear position", he says. The party’s executive committee met the week before last to discuss the issue. "But we do not yet have a uniform opinion process." Will heiben: it could also be that the odp next year uberhaupt no candidate.

And the etc? What actually does the winner of the last election? Siegfried muller has completed his first five years as mayor of flensburg. The initial euphoria within the group has faded, however. Accordingly, the mayor is cautious in his statement: "my willingness is still there. If I am elected by my people in the assembly, I am available for election." A date for this meeting has not yet been set, according to him. It is also unclear whether this meeting will be open to the public.