Spd with worst election result ever, afd candidate not to be spoken about

Spd with worst election result ever, afd candidate not to be spoken about

Josef hofbauer since shortly before 6 p.M., atila karabag, the direct candidate of the forchheim SPD for the bavarian state parliament, had been waiting for good news in the currywosch house. In vain. In the company of two dozen friends, he had to acknowledge the worst performance of the social democrats in bavaria ever.

"I am mablos disappointed", conceded karabag in view of the 6.57 percent of the electoral votes he was able to muster. This was well below the national result of less than ten percent. Nevertheless, karabag was convinced: "we have addressed the right issues. Education and housing are key issues affecting all citizens. Why the SPD could not turn this into an electoral success is a mystery to him.

The mayor of forchheim, uwe kirschstein (SPD), was equally stunned. Apparently, voters behave differently in state and federal politics. Even the SPD’s regional successes did not give the party a boost.

"It is also not true that those voters who support an SPD candidate locally also vote for the SPD nationwide, kirschstein regretted. In forchheim he estimated the potential for the social democrats at around 20 percent. However, he had not been able to tap this potential.

Means for the SPD. "We will continue to fight", karabag stressed. However, it sounded a bit like children who are afraid in the dark forest and give themselves courage.

Afd: pflaum unavailable

Dominik pflaum entered the race for the alternative for germany in the forchheim constituency. Before the election, heroldsbacher had set the goal of becoming the second strongest force in the country. The afd was unable to achieve this.

With third place on the afd list in upper franconia, the right-wing populist from heroldsbach had thought he had a realistic chance of moving into the maximilianeum. At the time of going to press, the official result for the electoral district of upper franconia had not yet been determined.

Dominik pflaum could no longer be reached by telephone on sunday evening for a statement.