See justice with open eyes

see justice with open eyes

The new habfurt district court experienced a veritable stampede of visitors on saturday. On the "open house" day according to one estimate, around 1,000 interested burgers came to see the inside of the new, modern building.

Already at the entrance we experienced the changes at the own body. In principle, every visitor has to pass through the security gate, similar to the one at the airport. This will ensure that no banned items are brought into the building. A courtroom in which the various legal robes were on display was extensively inspected.

Velvet, silk, wool

At the district court in the color black, the robes are made of different material depending on the function of the wearer. Judges, for example, wear velvet, while lawyers wear old silk and court reporters wear woolen cloth. A tour of the upper floors was also offered, with district court director holger ebert guiding the interested visitors and providing first-hand information.

In the large courtroom, the lectures by notary jorg theilig were well attended, as they dealt with the important topic of inheritance law. At booths you could get information about volunteering in the preservation aid, professional training in the justice or from the network care association habberge about patient authorization and power of attorney for relatives. Traffic educators from the habfurt police department were present in the eaves area.