Schweinfurt ddc reaches for the dance crown

Schweinfurt ddc reaches for the dance crown

They are the reigning world breakdance champions and can now also claim the title of "germany's best dance act" home: the dancefloor destruction crew (DDC) from schweinfurt stands on friday at 20.15 o'clock on sat.1 in the final of the dance talent show "got to dance.

This is not the 20- to 30-year-old's first foray into the rough, colorful world of casting: back in 2010, the five franconians took part in the RTL show "das supertalent" entered the debate and was eliminated in the semifinals. But not only because they have now made it to the finals, the two shows cannot be compared in the eyes of the boys. "Here, every candidate simply brings an insanely high level with them. On the supertalent there are also candidates who are there for the quota. On got to dance, on the other hand, all the contestants are really good," says pollner, explains alexander pollner from the DDC.

Actually, it's no wonder, because in contrast to other casting shows, the selection of the candidates for "got to dance" was very difficult not a product of chance, created during open castings. Instead, talent scouts were used in advance, who specifically searched online for possible candidates in various dance styles. "Then we were contacted and invited to the pre-casting", he tells pollner. "And we were very pleased about that! We thought, finally, a show that's all about dancing."

"Crass shit
In the pre-casting, the french apparently left a lasting impression on the production company: "crass shit" is said to have been one of the judgments. Also the "right" one casting in front of the jury, consisting of choreographer nikeata thompson, take that-sanger howard donald and rhythmic gymnastics champion palina rojinski, the DDC was able to convince the audience. Unfortunately, the tv viewer got little or nothing out of it: the performance was shortened to a few seconds.

For the DDC this was naturally disappointing, after all they had been looking forward to their performance. On the other hand – you have to look at it positively – maybe they could surprise the audience in the semi-final a little bit more. After all, the audience decided by telephone voting about the entry into the finals.

After last friday it was clear that the DDC had made it to the finals, the five breakdancers started almost immediately to prepare for the finals. "We sat down right after the semi-final and immediately chose the music and started training", pollner tells. "On saturday we had a performance in rust, on sunday we went home to schweinfurt, there we practiced until 11pm, since tuesday we are back in koln and don't do anything but sleeping and training." Not everything works out the way you want it to, the 20-year-old admits. But until the final on friday evening the five of us will get it right, they are convinced.

Different approach
As reigning world champions in breakdance, the DDC players are basically used to competitions and competitive situations. Still, they go to "got to dance they have to compete not only with other breakdancers, but also with tap dancers or standard dancers. And that makes a big difference: "of course we will try to adjust to our opponents. The decision is up to the viewers, it's more about meeting the taste of the people and entertaining the viewers than about technically demanding or perfect moves", says pollner.

Of course, the DDC will still pay attention to a technically clean performance. However, as pollner explains, there are a few moves in breakdance that are insanely difficult, but leave much less of an impression on the viewer than other, easier ones. But with the audience deciding who wins the show, the DDC boys made sure their new choreography included a few additional moves of the "not so hard, but impresses the audience" variety in the program.

The fact that the team from schweinfurt has already made a good impression on the public is also shown on the internet: according to the number of fans on facebook, the french team has won the title and with it the 100th place in the world championship.000 euros in prize money already won: with over 7400 "likes-according to facebook, the dancefloor destruction crew is far and away in first place. But the five are not thinking about winning, at least not yet: on thursday, they want to watch the second semi-final together and cheer on their competitors.

What competition?
Competitors – a word that, in the eyes of the DDC, misses the mark a little bit. Not even with the team recycled, which was the direct opponent of the DDC in the semifinals, competition has arisen, pollner assures. "We all got along well and went out to celebrate together after the show. They were happy for us, and of course we were happy for them as well."

For friday evening alex pollner, marcel geibler, gregory strischiwsky, jannis rupprecht and daniel barthelmes have only one goal: to go out, dance, have fun and show the audience how much the dancefloor destruction crew can destroy the studio. If this results in a victory, so much the better. In this case the funf guys first had to go on vacation together. And if not, they will still celebrate and be happy for the winner. But not for too long: already on saturday the guys have to perform at the bavarian sports award ceremony in munich.