Police chief “loses” stars

Police chief 'loses' stars

The head of the kronach police department, uwe herrmann, has been a police councilor since february.

Mr. Herrmann, you are now a police councilor. What does it mean? What will change?
Uwe herrmann: that doesn’t change anything, i’m still head of the kronach police department, my salary has remained the same. The only thing – I lost my stars. (he points to his shoulder flap and laughs).) there used to be five silver ones, now there’s only one, but it’s gold.

How to become a police council?
For me it was a so called modular progression. I have attended three one-week training courses and had an examination interview – and that was successful.

Can you turn your one gold star into several again??
I can get two at the most. I could become a senior councillor in three years, then i had the second.

What knowledge did you acquire in the course of your studies??
As a head of department you have to know everything anyway. That’s why it was actually more of a consolidation for me. But across bavaria, 17 people have made this promotion – and not all of them were station chiefs. There were also specialists in certain areas, and for them some things were new territory, because it wasn’t just about a specific area, but about the entire spectrum from leadership knowledge to legal and administrative knowledge to operations management.

Do you want to remain head of station in kronach as a police councillor, or do you have other ambitions?? After all, they commute daily from the district of hof to kronach.
I like it here very much. I’ve been a station chief here for nine years now, and I had eight more years to go before I could retire. I’m sure I’ll be here for another eight years (laughs), but I’d also like to try something new. The beauty of the police is the variety. And of course I have experienced dangerous situations in traffic on my way from trogen to here and vice versa.

What do you like here in kronach?? After all, you can hunt much bigger criminals in bigger cities, can’t you??
Yes, that’s right. But it is just the rural structure, are the people. When I’m a police chief in a big city, no one knows me. Here, people even dig you when you walk through town in civilian clothes. It’s much more familiar – and that’s good.

You can read the full interview in the wednesday edition of the frankischer tag kronach.