Please laugh – but really …

Please laugh - but really ...

Do you come with me, or do I have to come with you??", in the dark times of the third reich, cabaret artist werner finck asked gestapo officials who were writing in his performance. Another quote from the "master of unfinished sentences", who died in 1978 has already become common knowledge: "laughing is the most elegant way to show your opponents your teeth."

How many times in the past few weeks have we seen such a teeth-showing?. European leaders meet in brussel to discuss brexit with the british prime minister, and are shown "laughing" at each other the teeth to substitute a friendly approach in an unfriendly situation. Of friendship and joy for each other is despite all the "attempts to laugh" not much to remember. Rather, the quest for superiority determines the situation.

In behavioral research, observations were made many years ago with chimpanzees, and the researchers came to the conclusion that the primates show their teeth in arguments when they submit – and this is then misunderstood as laughing. So it is worth taking a closer look. Whether a person is really happy, whether one is really fond of the other, is not shown by the teeth, here it is worth taking a look into the eyes.

When there is genuine joy or affection, a person's eyes light up as if "from within", and the old wisdom that the eyes are the mirror of the soul becomes true. Two people in love look into each other's eyes to find out about each other's feelings, not at each other's teeth. And who does not remember the shining eyes of the children, who stood full of joyful expectation in front of the door of the christmas room in their parents' house, hoping that a not too small part of their christmas wishes would be fulfilled?.

"Rejoice in the lord always, and again I say: rejoice! The lord is near!", writes the apostle paulus in the fourth chapter of the letter to the philippines. Not only does he encourage joy and a genuine and genuine laugh, he also gives a good reason for joy that can really reach people and make life bright and friendly.

It is not about fulfilling all material desires, it is not about power and influence; bright eyes and a liberated smile appear in our soul and face when we know that god is close to us, guiding and accompanying us.

Especially in the time of advent, the waiting for christ's return and so shortly before christmas, when we remember that the almighty god came to us humans as a small and helpless child, we can smile honestly and lovingly at each other with a shining soul. Be it because we take to heart the words of franz kamphaus, the former catholic bishop of limburg: "do as god does and become a man." Or because we can rejoice with paul: "rejoice, the lord is near!"