Lena’s brain hemorrhage plunges family into distress

Lena's brain hemorrhage plunges family into distress

"She was a handful", says jasmin C. About your daughter lena (name changed by the editor). She was born in march last year as a premature baby, 38 centimeters small, 1000 grams light. Two weeks later, the C family was struck by. In ebermannstadt, a stroke of fate from which she has not quite recovered to this day: the little girl lena suffered a brain hemorrhage. "Some people get through it without any disability, but lena didn't make it", says her mother.
The family tries to stick together, but it lacks the most necessary things. Because after her daughter's brain hemorrhage, jasmin c. Three months with lena in the clinic. Husband benjamin C. Stayed at home to take care of the two daughters (seven and five years old). His job was terminated. "Since then it has been downhill", reports jasmin C.No work, no money."

Helpful sisters

Lena's two sisters are a lucky case after all. They copied many of the techniques from lena's therapist. "Two very nice girls who make me strong", says the mother. They spend their time caring for lena – and the oldest sister says: "if lena can't walk later, I'll carry her on my back."
The psychological stress in the family has led to the parents separating from lena, even if the father continues to care for his daughter. The care of lena and a disc condition make it jasmin C. Impossible to do any work. For her, this is particularly bitter, says the 43-year-old, because she was used to "making it on my own and earning my own money" all her life.
Moreover, it seems like an irony of fate that jasmin C. Formerly caring for handicapped children and now going through the fate of a mother with a handicapped child herself. "It hurts every day", says the 43-year-old: "i am glad that lena has two sisters who can take care of her one day when i am no longer alive."
Isabel reckmann from the family help center of caritas forchheim knows jasmin C. For a year and a half. "I am impressed by her commitment", says reckmann: "it's a family that bravely muddles through. The problem is that there is always more to come."
Jasmin C. Cannot shoulder the financial burden. The therapy costs and aids for lena are only partially paid for by the health insurance fund. In addition, heating costs are very high, because the apartment must be 30 degrees warm, so that lena joints do not stiffen. The C family. Is already with a monthly rent in arrears. Also the additional costs and the wood for the winter still had to be paid.
Three times a week, the mother takes her 20-month-old daughter to therapy, and twice a week she takes her daughter swimming. "To loosen the muscles." Jasmin C. Stopped by police when she was on her way to swim with her three daughters. The officials complained that a "special child seat" was needed for lena are needed. This seat, however, is so rough that jasmin C. Kunftig can no longer accommodate all three children in the car. Actually, she needed a new cart. But for the time being the family C. It would have helped a lot if the "franken helfen franken" campaign had raised enough money to pay the rent and buy wood for the winter.
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