Interpol cancels turkish search for author akhanli

Interpol cancels turkish search for author akhanli

The search request against the koln author dogan akhanli at the international police organization interpol has been removed. "We are pleased that interpol has cancelled the "red notice" against doghan akhanli", it hailed from the foreign office in berlin.

State secretary walter lindner is in contact with his spanish colleague on this issue. It remained unclear at first whether akhanli would be able to leave spain again. Interpol said this evening on request, the organization does not comment on individual cases. The states involved are obliged to.

On the basis of the "red notice" ("rote notiz" or "rote ausschreibung") akhanli had been temporarily arrested last saturday during a vacation in spain at the behest of turkey. Spain released the author, who was born in eastern turkey, after one day – but only under certain conditions. He was not allowed to leave the country, had to surrender his passport and report to the authorities once a week. He was threatened with extradition to turkey, where he is accused of serious crimes.

With a "red notice", a country can call for a wanted person to be tracked down and arrested beforehand. It is not a search warrant on behalf of interpol itself and not an international arrest warrant. The police organization only controls cross-border cooperation. That is, each country decides for itself how to handle a case.

However, interpol must also review search requests. According to article 3 of the interpol statute, "any act or participation in matters (…) of a political, military, religious or racial character" is prohibited.

The aim is to prevent the organization from being misused for the persecution of opponents of the regime. Search warrants must also comply with this principle. If the conditions for the publication of a "red notice" are not (or no longer) met, interpol must delete it.