“Focus”: hoeneb’s self-disclosure does not mitigate punishment

According to "focus," the public prosecutor’s office in munich II considers uli hoeneb’s self-disclosure not only invalid, but also not mitigating the penalty. This is reported by the magazine with reference to the indictment.

Neither the public prosecutor’s office nor the lawyers of the FC bayern president wanted to comment on friday. "I am not commenting on the report," said a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office.

According to "focus", the prosecution is to assume that hoeneb did not write the self-disclosure of his own free will and out of remorse, but because a journalist had discovered and researched the tax evasion beforehand. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the self-reporting is also flawed in terms of content and has major holes, reports "focus".

Because the self-reporting is not valid from the point of view of the prosecution, the trial before the munich regional court II is held at all.

Hoeneb has to stand trial from 10. Marz an to stand trial in munich’s judicial palace for tax evasion amounting to millions of dollars. With such a sum, the president of the FC bayern may face a prison sentence.

In 2012, the federal court of justice ruled that anyone who evades taxes in excess of one million euros must as a rule be jailed. Accordingly, a preservation sentence is only possible in the case of particularly weighty mitigating circumstances.

Four days of hearings are scheduled, during which judge rupert heindl will get to the bottom of the case (case number: W5 kls 68 js 3284/13). Hoeneb is being represented in court by three defenders – including hanns W. Feigen one of germany’s most renowned business lawyers.