Un secretary general deeply concerned about situation in egypt

un secretary general deeply concerned about situation in egypt

The leaders of the parties to the conflict should do everything possible to avoid further loss of life. Ban trusts that, if there is no violence, agypt will find a way out of the crisis.

After friday prayers, tens of thousands of islamists protested against mursi’s ouster. The prayer leader at the islamist protest camp in front of the rabea al-adawija mosque in cairo reportedly said: "even if they kill us all, we will not retreat." He shouted to the faithful: "the places of protest are like a piece of paradise."More serious rallies by islamists have also been reported in alexandria and bani sueif.

The government had given the security forces the green light to clear the two crude islamist protest camps in cairo. So far, however, the police have allowed mursi’s supporters, who belong to the muslim brotherhood and several smaller islamist parties, to remain unharmed.

The arabic news channel al-jazeera reported early saturday morning that mursi supporters were apparently preparing to evacuate their rally in nasr city. The organizers of the protests told an al-jazeera correspondent that they had built steel shields on wheels as security barriers.

The army leadership had arrested mursi, who hails from the muslim brotherhood, on 3. July deposed after wave of mass protests. The militaries installed a transitional president and a new government. In addition, a change in the constitution adopted by the muslim brotherhood was approved.