Klopp annoyed: scolding for hummels critics

Klopp annoyed: scolding for hummels critics

Jurgen klopp complains about overly critical treatment of borussia dortmund players and also wants national coach joachim low to clear up the most recent accusations against mats hummels.

"I don’t think jogi low has a problem with borussia dortmund. But it’s also a fact: if mistakes get names, then it’s not unlikely that it’s a borussia dortmund player," klopp told tv station sky before the BVB game against hamburger SV (6:2).

In the ZDF interview after the game, a visibly annoyed klopp then followed up, saying that hummel’s performance, like that of other dortmund players, had not been properly assessed by the media. "I wanted to discuss about the right thing and not open topics – not: ‘klopp says that about low’. That’s nonsense. I’d like to talk about soccer," klopp said in the "ZDF-sportstudio". "You are not out of responsibility," dortmund coach told critics.

Klopp’s anger was mainly related to the public discussion about defender mats hummels after the international match against paraguay (3:3). Hummels had looked bad for two goals against paraguay. In the following world cup qualifiers against austria (3:0) and faroe (3:0), he had lost his place in central defense to bayern professional jerôme boateng. Klopp, once himself an expert at ZDF, also criticized the reappraisal of hummels’ paraguay actions by his successor as analyst, oliver kahn.

He also sees the incident as a link in a chain. This also includes the media accusations against hummels after the lost european championship semifinal 2012 against italy because of a lost duel before the first conceded goal. And klopp has not forgotten the critical comments low made about marcel schmelzer before the world cup qualifier in ireland (6:1) last october. "I was a little surprised then with marcel schmelzer and now with mats. Such things must then also be clarified sometimes. The mistakes in the paraguay game are still seen today as if mats had screwed them up all by himself," klopp complained to sky.

According to klopp, his defensive man is playing a decent season. Against HSV, hummels had shown the right reaction. "He could also get restless in a situation like that and try to do special things. He didn’t do that, that speaks for his class. I was very satisfied," said the BVB coach.

Even though klopp repeatedly referred to his "normal relationship" with low, a reproach to the national coach could be heard between the lines. He did not know whether low had spoken to hummels about his performance and whether the DFB head coach was working through mistakes. "Whether that happened with other players, i don’t know," said klopp.

However, the subliminal accusation that only BVB professionals were criticized is not true. Before the european championship, for example, low had taken bavaria defender boateng to task after a publicized night outing.

For his harsh words against schmelzer in dublin ("he did not play a good game against austria. In the bundesliga there are just auben left very, very few alternatives, and I can not carve it for me either.") had apologized low later. Since then, the dortmund left-back has been a permanent fixture in the DFB team.

After the paraguay game, low criticized tactical errors in general, but did not mention hummels by name. After the most recent world cup qualifier against faro, he made it clear that he knows the qualities of the player not playing this time: "mats hummels played a great tournament at the european championships. He can play at the very high level."