Karmann wants to continue

Karmann wants to continue

In 2014, michael karmann (zwdg/ CSU) won the election for mayor of buttenheim against bernhard bickel (NWG). Now he is running as the only mayoral candidate. The question is how many voters will make use of the option to write a different name on the ballot paper.

In any case, karmann sees himself in the right position as mayor "because I will gladly continue to contribute my qualifications as an administrative specialist, my proven commitment and the experience I have gained in office in order to lead the market town of buttenheim into a sustainable future together with all those who want to work together in a goal-oriented and serious manner". What annoyed you most about your community last year and why?? The term "gegert is perhaps a little overstated. I was somewhat dissatisfied with the way deutsche bahn dealt with what I considered to be justified municipal interests in the ICE expansion project. Recently, however, i have noticed an improvement in cooperation.

What has been your greatest political achievement in the last six years??

That we in the market town council, after a thoroughly turbulent initial phase, have developed into a body that is open to discussion, creative, and decisive. Our rough and pioneering projects have been decided upon with great courage and implemented for the benefit of our people.

In which three areas do you see the greatest need for action in your community??

After years of efforts with regard to building densification in all of our towns, the designation of a new building area is now pending. We want to design this building in an innovative and energetically sustainable way and open it up for many social forms of housing.

The building yard is currently spread over four decentralized locations. Here, the search for a location and the subsequent project planning of a new building are pending.

The integrated urban development concept (ISEK) is nearing completion. Many other sensible measures have been worked out in consultation with our people, and these must be tackled successively. Hak