Ig construction: construction cleaners ready to strike for christmas pay

Ig construction: construction cleaners ready to strike for christmas pay

Building cleaners in germany could go on warning strike before christmas to force collectively agreed christmas pay.

"We are already planning to take industrial action," said ulrike laux, a member of the federal executive committee of IG bauen-agrar-umwelt, to the deutsche presse-agentur in frankfurt. The federal board will discuss the matter next week, he said. Warning strikes could still be averted if employers show signs of relenting.

So far, there is no collectively agreed christmas bonus in the industry. For a settlement, a new collective bargaining agreement would have to be reached outside the existing agreements on income and framework conditions, said laux. "This is a completely new field in which we have all the design possibilities. In particular, there is no peace obligation," said the trade unionist. One will also not wait much longer with warning strikes: "finally it is about the christmas money."

The union is demanding that the approximately 450.000 commercial building cleaners an additional payment of around half a monthly wage, with increases of up to 70 percent for longer service to the company. The many part-time employees should be involved in the same way according to their actual working hours. In the past few weeks, there have been numerous protests in the factories and public demonstrations to press the demand.

According to the IG BAU, the employers have not yet agreed to negotiate the christmas bonus. A last request to speak was left completely unanswered, laux criticized: "this is no way to deal with each other."

Negotiations on the framework collective agreement were postponed in working groups, while the salary agreement is closed until the end of 2020. Here, the equalization of wages in east and west was agreed last year.