Giving up is not an option for fdpler hans muller

Giving up is not an option for fdpler hans muller

He laughs silently to himself, nods knowingly and searches for the right wording. And then hans muller utters the word, the name that no FDP member can handle at the moment: rosler. The federal party chairman and economics minister is a hotly contested figure in his party. Hans muller, the county chairman and county councilor, also has his problems with philipp rosler. He lacked the charisma, the effect of a hood.

After the last federal election, the finance minister had to be from the FDP, finds muller. The finances are the metier of the liberals. On the federal level, some things didn't go well in terms of personnel, says the wiesentheide lawyer. And the negative mood that has spread throughout the country is hard to get out again.

Muller is not sparing with self-criticism. His party stands for personal responsibility and the freedom of the burgher. No political level has ever succeeded in making this clear to the people of auben. Muller was once a CSU member. In 2006, he joined the liberals and was immediately elected district chairman, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the people of the district. That was already a topic people were talking about. Muller also drew some other christian socialists with him to the FDP. At that time, the liberals were doing well nationwide.

The promise of tax relief brought them into the federal government in 2009. And then they had actually "deliver should. Muller deliberately uses an expression from philipp rosler. But apart from hoteliers, no other population group has benefited much from tax breaks.

The general mood with regard to the FDP became gloomier, which was also reflected in the district association. There were resignations. The party was widely considered to be superfluous. Those who joined the party before the last federal election "perhaps with false expectations," emphasizes hans muller, how hans muller thinks – , fall in love again in this bad phase.
The district association currently has 33 members, compared with 38 two years ago. "No longstanding members have left, however", emphasizes hans muller.

Loyalty honored
Erhard greulich from huttenheim has been a convinced party member for decades. At the members' meeting of the district association with new elections on tuesday, he was honored by hans muller together with gunter becker from wiesenbronn and robert senft from neuses am berg.

Former FDP county councilor greulich knows the ups and downs of his party and won't let it make him crazy. "The FDP has often been in the deep end. I do not go away because of it", he says calmly. Greulich thinks these lows were actually good for his party – in retrospect. Because then everyone had returned to the actual values of the liberals. Admittedly, the FDP now has a more difficult time. In the past, there was no party diversity and, above all, no free voters – the most serious opponents of the FDP.

Karl weltner from rodelsee has been a party member since 1978. At the time, weltner says, it was social-liberal policies that prompted him to join the commission. Why not the CSU? "That was not electable for me at this time because of her too conservative attitude." And the SPD had scared him off at the time by meeting with radical members.

Unlike greulich and weltner, wolf-eckhard walz from schernau is still very new to the party, having been a member for two years. His parents have belonged to the FDP since the 1960s. Walz took over his father's membership after his death. "I was inoculated with party political ideas from an early age.
I took it at first with less, later with more criticality", says walz. After completing his studies in agriculture at the technical university of munich/weihenstephan with a focus on the economic and social sciences of agriculture, he now describes himself as an adherent of the social market economy in the sense of ludwig erhard – albeit with an emphasis on the market economy. Walz is also aware that the FDP has always had a narrow base in local politics in lower franconia. The contents and goals of the FDP's party program he very much buries. "Unfortunately, the weakness of our party at the moment lies in transporting these issues to the public in a factual and understandable way", says walz.
In his opinion, the economic and sociopolitical situation of the FRG and bavaria is better than ever, despite the need for further improvements previously. "And because this is not despite, but also thanks to the coalition government, i believe in an electoral success", says wolf-eckhard walz. As far as the survey results are concerned, there is still a lot that can be done by the fall.
Hans muller reports,20 percent of voters could embrace liberal ideas. In the fall of this year, he wants to know for sure. Muller runs again for the entry into the bavarian state parliament.