Ex-terrorists remain missing

Ex-terrorists remain missing

More than three years after the start of the public manhunt for three ex-RAF terrorists for a series of robberies in northern germany, investigators come up empty-handed.

"The main problem for the prosecution is that we don’t know where the three wanted men are," said senior public prosecutor marcus roske in verden. There are no new leads on ex-terrorists ernst-volker staub (65), burkhard garweg (50) and daniela klette (61). In future, the verden public prosecutor’s office will conduct investigations into all the robberies for which the trio is responsible as part of a collective procedure. First the "spiegel" had reported about it.

Garweg, klette and staub belong to the so-called third generation of the RAF. Several murders are said to be theirs, for example of deutsche-bank boss alfred herrhausen (1989) and treuhand boss detlev karsten rohwedder (1991). So far, the investigators had assumed that the former members of the red army faction had committed twelve robberies to earn their living since 1999.

When the proceedings were bundled in january 2019, however, the local prosecutors had not seen sufficient suspicion of the RAF trio in three of the twelve cases, roske said. As reported by "spiegel", the supermarket robberies in celle (2011), stade (2012) and osnabruck (2015) are no longer included in the list of suspected RAF robberies. From the point of view of the lower saxony state criminal police office, however, various circumstances continue to suggest that the trio is also responsible for the three robberies mentioned above. The local public prosecutor’s offices had to decide whether it was possible to prove the crime.

After decades in hiding, the three wanted left-wing terrorists were again in the police’s sights after a robbery of a money transporter in stuhr near bremen in june 2016. Fingerprints of the three were found after the fact. The search was subsequently conducted in northern germany, the netherlands, where a trail pointed, as well as in spain, france and italy.

Another hypothesis in the manhunt is that the three could still have been provided with papers and other identities by the state security of the GDR, there is no concrete clue. The historical connections between the state security and the RAF have been known for a long time, the LKA only officially states. But at least ten RAF members with new identities lived unmolested in the GDR until the fall of the wall.