Effect’s junior guard becomes superheroes

effect's junior guard becomes superheroes

They took this topic literally, as it is stated in a communication of the association, and were able to win the 3rd place at the first go. Secure your place. The 40 teenagers were aware of the tough competition they faced in baunatal. In the end, the best teams from germany took to the starting line here. Among them were the german runners-up from harsewinkel, as well as buchnesia nurnberg and the organizing club baunatal. All among the top 4 in germany. Despite this high-caliber competition, they managed to catch up with these top teams with a 3rd place finish and were even able to leave the top club from baunatal behind them with the better strike score.

The coaching team of nina thumerer, nora seifert, and isabelle watzek were more than satisfied with this tremendous result. There is, after all, still a lot of upside potential with this team, as there are still finer points to be worked out.

Already in two weeks the french championships of the juniors will take place in schwabach. Here these go then in their two disciplines, namely additionally with their 15 gardemadels to the start, and hope to be able to tie on the success of the last weekend.