Barbara mullers marathon to say goodbye to the munnerstadter tartan track

Barbara mullers marathon to say goodbye to the munnerstadter tartan track

Actually, i wanted to do the action clammy", says barbara muller with a smile a few days apart. When the 33-year-old set off on the first lap at 8 o’clock on sunday morning, the plan seemed to work out too.

Muller, who for years competed very successfully for the TSV munnerstadt track and field team under her maiden name schneider, had registered for the marathons in freiburg and wurzburg. Due to corona, the races scheduled for april and may could not take place.

"I did not want to postpone my second marathon again." So she decided to walk it for herself, muller said.

The choice of the tartan track in munnerstadt was not entirely absurd for the runner who now lives in mittelstreu. "To run a best time, i knew i needed a flat course. I generally have a little preference for the more extreme."

The railroad was like a second home to muller for years. Muller has fond memories of the successful murscht coach otmar bommel. "It is already that otmar’s memorial stone stands in the target area. That always brings back fond memories."

Monotonous? Not at all!

Muller was not completely alone on the track after all. Because her longtime running buddies daniela schmitt and julia muller supported her with all their strength. "Danie and julia were an enormous support. Danie got in at about round 30 and then she and julia took turns. I probably couldn’t keep up the pace without them."

But the best thing was to run together again on the track in munnerstadt. "Of course, they also ran together with me to the finish line."

The action was by no means monotonous. "On the finish straight the sun was burning; shortly after the finish there was a shadow for a long time and on the back straight it was quite windy. Moreover, I have always changed direction after 25 laps, i.E. Ten kilometers."

But the secrecy of the event was over at the latest when the track and field athletes around department head katja hofmann started taking the sports badge at 10 a.M. "It was an absolute coincidence that almost all the athletes were there, because I wanted to pull off the action for myself without a big fuss."

A repeat in the fall?

So barbara muller was loudly escorted to the finish line, which she reached in the midday heat after three hours and 43 minutes. "I am very satisfied with the time, although I had secretly hoped for a time of less than three hours and 40 minutes. But this does not have to be the last marathon."

The next opportunity for this could be the inauguration of the renovated tartan track in autumn this year.