Bad kissingen demands funds for sewer work

Bad kissingen demands funds for sewer work

Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) did not seem to feel quite at ease in his own skin: "i know it's a heibes eisen", he said at the beginning of a meeting in which he had to explain to a number of burghers why the city had to pay a total of 600 euros in arrears.000 euros for trench and sewer work from the years 1997 to 2009 from them wants to collect.

The precarious thing is that the city administration was originally of the opinion that no contributions would be levied for these measures. But because the municipal auditing association found in 2011 that the contributions were "without ifs and buts", the mayor was not entirely comfortable with the situation – the head of the town – the kissing authorities had to correct their view. At the same time the mayor promised: "nobody has to sell his house to pay the contributions."

Construction director hermann schober explained the technical side of the then canal and street tree inspections, which served primarily to protect the healing spring area and thus included the following streets: hemmerich,- kapellen-, von-der-tann-strabe, reithaus- and eisenstadter platz. Since the mabnahmen were closely related, only one engineering firm was commissioned, and it was not until 20. September 2009 the final bill. And whoever was the owner of the property at that time is also the one who is liable to pay the contribution. Naturally, this did not please those who considered properties or condominiums in the street areas to be "free of encumbrances had acquired.

Legal counsel joachim kohn also explained that the statute of limitations had not yet expired because the four-year statute of limitations period does not begin until the end of 2009 and the notices were still issued within the "subsequent period" – so before the 31. December 2013 – to be served. On the other hand, kohn reported that at the moment the administrative court (VG) in wurzburg is dealing with a case from hartmannstrabe and has ruled on the facts of "forfeiture" pruft. This is about a protection of confidence, if one is justified in the opinion that one does not have to pay (any more). A judgment is expected for the second quarter of 2014 and therefore the content of the notices to residents will be such that a payment target of one year is set.

Wait for the court decision
The resident therefore receives his notice, but does not have to pay any contributions or interest for one year – and in addition still has the possibility, on the basis of the forthcoming wurzburg VG ruling, to consider whether to lodge an objection or file a lawsuit. "That's as far as we can go", said blankenburg in view of the almost 100 guests in the tattersall.

Interestedly the present ones followed the statements of the administration representatives and probed with quite a few questions. A local resident wanted to know why the kissing authorities' view at the time had been wrong. According to the auditing association, the inspections had led to a qualitative improvement in the condition of the trenches and, in addition, the proportionate sewer costs of the trench dewatering must be taken into account, was the answer from hermann schober.

One resident was angry about the city's poor information policy and threatened to refuse any payment. "Understandable", the head of the city replied, but in the end, any measure would have to be financed by tax revenue.