Second vortanzer wanted

second vortanzer wanted

"My name is mia and my hobbies are gymnastics and dancing." The limber mia thein from seblach has the ideal prerequisites for a dance mariechen. For five years now, the now twelve-year-old has been attracting everyone’s attention with her appearances for the seblach carnival association. Laura muller also likes dance and music. The five-year-old from seblach could one day become mia’s successor.

No, the altere is not thinking about quitting. But jens-peter scholz, president of the carnival association, wanted to play it safe and slowly build up a potential successor. That’s why the carnival club invited girls to a kind of casting at the seblach school via the city of seblach’s official and information bulletin. "We are also looking for a little dance girl", confirmed scholz at the beginning of the taster session.

Rough selection did not offer itself to the responsible persons of the carnival association seblach. As the only interested person appeared laura. And she was very impressed by three trainers and the president of the club. Somewhat shy, the little girl hid her face and, once spoken to, did not want to answer at all. Also to the surprise of her mother christine muller. "At home she sings and dances a lot", the seblach woman reports. Especially when you hear the music from the animated film "the ice queen – completely unfrightened" there was no stopping for the girl.

Luisa fischer had thus chosen exactly the right music to lure the shrewd aspirant out of her reserve. "We just start and if you feel like it, you just join", the trainer of the dance girl explained when laura did not want to comply with her request to join in the dance.

The longtime guard dancer recently took over from carina schafer the task of continuing to train mia, working out the choreography for each season and selecting the appropriate music. Meanwhile, mia’s former coach, a mother of two, is focusing on training the youth guard and is full of praise for her successor. Schafer: "luisa is doing a great job!"

But at first their idea with the ice queen dance "let go now" was successful with colored cloths not. "The step from the group alone to the stage is rough", explained scholz. When asked, none of the members of the krumelgarde, the club’s youngest offspring, wanted to take the plunge and make a solo appearance.

Merle rottmann is just as young as laura. She had the necessary self-confidence and was already on the job on friday with the necessary drive. But merle only came to the music room accompanied by her mother doreen rottmann. The trainer of the prinzengarde also wanted to keep an eye on the potential dance girls and had brought merle with her. The mom "puts the brakes on her daughter", heave it. Rottmann confirms this: "merle already goes to ballet and vaulting", the young mother points out. And soon there will be school as well.

Laura has also been taking ballet lessons for four weeks, while mia says that before her role as mariechen she "only did gymnastics and not dance". What do you think the solo dancer has to bring along??

"She must be courageous, have a sense of tact, enjoy her role and like to be the center of attention", pays mia on. But laura remains skeptical and would prefer to hide. It wasn’t until luisa asked her: "what are you doing at the ballet??", the young girl from seblach slowly thaws out. Laura explains a game of tag with a shark and a siren – and shortly afterwards runs around the room with mia, luisa and merle. After two more games of tag with mouse and octopus and frog and mermaid, laura is ready – and joins in the dancing as well.

"That was a first try", scholz recalls afterwards. Laura should now join in the rehearsals. The fact that only one girl appeared is attributed by the chairman to the fear of too high expectations. "A dancer doesn’t have to be able to do a cartwheel or a cartwheel", scholz made it clear: "but she has to enjoy dancing."

Perhaps the advertisement had scared off applicants. At the colorful evenings, for which tickets are still available, the president wants to advertise once again for young dancers. "Young people can also join in", added scholz. He could also imagine a dancing couple.

Info origin the dancing girl (also known as "funke(n)mariechen" or "regimentstochter") can be found in many carnival, fancy dress or carnival clubs: the girls perform individually, together with a dance officer or in groups as a guard, usually to marches or polkas, but nowadays also to modern music. Typically, dance marieches wear uniform-like costumes, where today a dress with a pleated skirt replaces the pants.

Change the traditional carnival figure, which originated in the rhineland, goes back to the marketenderinnen in medieval military life and was originally a male role. It was not until the nazi era that these dancers took over to avoid unwanted homosexual innuendos.

To perform well as a dance girl, gymnastic and dancing talent, endurance, patience and a lot of practice are required. Especially in solo dancing, acrobatic elements such as flickflack are added to the balancing act. Agility, physical tension, passion and the willingness to be the center of attention are essential. For this, the dancing mariechen will receive a lot of applause and the role as star of the show and figurehead of the club.