No open space facilities in the main valley

The expansion of renewable energies in germany has accelerated sharply. Last year, almost half of electricity came from renewables – mainly wind and photovoltaic plants – or was generated by hydropower or biomass. The market town of zapfendorf has now drawn up criteria for how much flat land should be set aside for new photovoltaic installations on open land. Decisions were also made on the allocation of municipal land to developers.

Currently, there is a large open-space photovoltaic plant in the market town of zapfendorf, located in the district of reuthlos. More are quite conceivable, which is why the committee had set itself the goal of working out guidelines. "In the interest of climate protection, the market zapfendorf is not opposed to further construction of renewable energy plants. Further solar plants on free surfaces could also make a contribution to this", it was reported in the press on 11 march. March now decided. It must be weighed "under which conditions this can be done contractually with landscape and other concerns".

In the six-page document "guidelines for open space photovoltaics in the market zapfendorf" especially the visibility and the landscape play a rough role. No plant should be visible from developed or buildable land – unless the owners do not object. A construction in the direction of the main valley is excluded.

Another important criterion is the regional value of the victims. An investor for a free-standing photovoltaic plant must explain in which form a financial participation of the citizens is offered. Criteria also include fencing and protection of species. In addition, it is stipulated that a maximum area of 32 hectares (corresponding to approx. Two percent of the agricultural land and one percent of the total area of the market zapfendorf ) for further plants should be the upper limit, then the council had to reconsider. A maximum of 13 hectares to be added per year.

Points system for land buyers

For the sale of municipally owned building plots to private individuals, guidelines have also been drawn up. The basis is a points system that entitles developers to purchase land according to their personal situation. When awarding points, for example, the current or former main residence in the market zapfendorf plays a role – or also the honorary commitment, the age and the family situation (children). Income limits apply (maximum annual income of 75,000 euros for a single person, or a maximum of. 150,000 euros for two people) and anyone who already owns land or houses/apartments in the market town of zapfendorf is excluded as an applicant. However, exceptions are defined, for example, if the appropriate accommodation of the family in the previous own property is not guaranteed.

Also, the buyer must build within a time limit of five years – the "hoarding from land is to be excluded with it. The building must then be inhabited for a certain period of time, otherwise there is a penalty, the municipality also receives a right of first refusal for the property .