New pop/rock/classical world

New pop/rock/classical world

In the beginning there was the idea: a joint concert with the two bands "schweinsohr selection" and "revolver and the bamberg symphony orchestra. This was thought of by uwe gaasch, who played in both bands. Contacts were quickly made, and heinrich ellner (former program director at radio bamberg) enthusiastically agreed to be the organizer. That was in the year 1999. They met, worked out the details and looked for a suitable landing.

As chance would have it: pastor hans lyer was also in the group and simply asked the then vicar general alois albrecht: "how was it with the cathedral square??" Albrecht agreed, and the way was clear. There were still a few problems with the locksmith and lake administration, but then everything was in the bag – the first pop event ever on the venerable cathedral square in bamberg was feasible. A novelty for the world heritage.

Bells of the cathedral included

After the "go from the official side it went to the preparation. For the moderation of the evening wolfgang buck agreed to do it. As opening act, everyone agreed, the bard uwe beuer was chosen. He comes from north rhine-westphalia and had so far thrilled countless passers-by with his ballads in the passageway of the bamberger town hall. Just as grandiose and sovereign was his appearance on the cathedral square.

Ralf bauer, trombonist with SOS, had composed a song especially for the occasion, which included the bells of the bamberger cathedral. This created some problems because of the intonation, but they were solved.

Curious: when the bells were tested (around the beginning of 2000), it turned out for the first time that one of the 16 bells in the cathedral no longer worked at all – even the person responsible was surprised. Nevertheless: the sound of the stage in combination with the synchronously thundering cathedral bells – there was nothing comparable up to that time.

Fireworks from the vice world champion

Start of the event on 9. June 2000 was at 20 o’clock with wonderful weather. The plan was to frame everything with fireworks. Joachim berner was chosen for this event: he was (and still is) vice world champion in fireworks. He works for the rolling stones, tina turner, AC/DC and many others. A guarantee for successful pyrotechnics. The bamberger fire department took everything down without any problems (despite the old courtyard right behind). But a fireworks display, starting in broad daylight? Berner managed it easily.

About 4000 spectators came and experienced an unprecedented spectacle. Rock and pop alternated with classical music: star soprano regina klepper sang "pie jesu," among other songs by andrew lloyd webber, accompanied by saxophonist lutz hafner and all the other musicians. The dance group of bambergs "body and soul visually enhanced the show. And of course fireworks in the night: synchronized to the legendary drum-fill of "in the air tonight" the rockets crashed.

For more than four hours on this evening of the 9. June 2000 the cathedral square was transformed into a pop/rock/classic world, where all participants gave their best. A lot of heart and soul had gone into the preparation, but everyone was more than happy afterwards: musicians, audience and also alois albrecht, who was in each other’s arms with uwe gaasch at the end.

A video recording of this event can be found on youtube ("domplatz open air bamberg 2000"), and photos can be found on the website schweinsohrselection.