“Loddar” relaxes in the beer garden

It should be asparagus, potatoes and a schnitzel. "And fraulein, could you bring extra sauce hollandaise?", lothar matthaus shouts after the waitress as he orders lunch in the beer garden of the red ox on herzogenaurach's market square, enjoying the wonderful weather in his old hometown with his girlfriend, lingerie model joanna tuczynska (27), and a few acquaintances.

"We live out of a suitcase, we are on the road all year round. And then I come here and I immediately remember so many things from the past", tells the former world footballer of the year in a good mood from the near box. And that's why he also wants to offer his fellow travelers a bit of sightseeing during their vacation home: the parental home, the school, perhaps the mobelhaus fischer, where matthaus completed his training as an interior decorator, are on the agenda. "Or the place where I kissed my first girlfriend", suggests the 51-year-old in english and winks at joanna.

With the new flame into the parental home

The 1990 world champion ruber comes across as relaxed and likeable, even when his cell phone rings and former FC bayern keeper jean-marie pfaff calls from belgium to ask what matthaus is up to. "I won't be back as a coach for another two months. Now i'm going to visit my family," he says, explains the man from herzogenaurach, who wants to spend the night together with his girlfriend in his parents' house. His question about the possibility of going out for a good burger in herzogenaurach on friday evening is readily answered by the other visitors in the beer garden.

It should be a quiet evening. After all, youth training, autograph sessions and a charity match at FC herzogenaurach, where five members of the world championship squad will be playing on saturday, are "a big deal" for matthaus, too, the 51-year-old hopes to attract as many people as possible to the rudolf dassler sports field.