Hobby guard dance: success needs a lot of work

Hobby guard dance: success needs a lot of work

Bavarian and german vice-champion in solo dancing – not everyone can claim that. Twelve-year-old daniela sorgel has danced her way to these titles. Since the third year of her life she has been dancing with RMV concordia strullendorf. In "young years still in the dance and play group, then in the minigarde and today with the juniors. And then there's the solo guard dance.

Of course, you have to train for such successes, and that takes a whole nine hours a week. "I have training four times a week: twice in the group for a total of five hours and for my solo dance another four hours", she reports. And all that besides school, because daniela goes to the seventh grade of the gymnasium hochstadt.

Doesn't that turn into stress? Is there any "free time" left?? "Of course I have less time than others, but dancing is my free time, so to speak", daniela tells. Of course: you also have to be able to do without, because for example spontaneous outings with friends are often not possible.

Quitting is out of the question

Especially stressful are the days when she has afternoon classes, has to do homework, has to go to practice and still has to study. And then there's the long drive to strullendorf in the district of bamberg, which costs extra time. But: giving up is out of the question. "With all the stress, i've never thought about giving up dancing", the schoolgirl tells. And adds that she has a second hobby: trampoline jumping. Once a week she trains with the active team rottenbach. "But I had to give up playing volleyball at the beginning of high school – school takes up a lot of time", she admits.

Especially during carnival, the main dance season, it is very hard to manage everything. "I have so many performances and then I have to do homework and study for school – it's really stressful at that time", female the longtime dancer.

Auand is rewarded

But the effort is rewarded. Daniela has already taken part in the german and european championships four times. The dancers from strullendorf have already won a number of trophies and medals, both in solo and group dancing. However, the championships are usually over the whole weekend and far away, so you have to spend the night there, too. "When you have championships, so you're busy all day, and then you have to prepare for the school day on monday, it's very difficult", says daniela.

Her sister christina sorgel shows that school can be mastered despite such a time-consuming hobby. She herself has been dancing for eleven years in the group and solo in strullendorf. Additionally she trains her sister daniela in solo – the music for this is also cut by the two of them themselves. Many medals and trophies decorate christina's room, among other things for successes as a two-time german and european champion. "I danced all my school years and it was really stressful a lot of the time, but I still got my A-levels. It can be done!"

What do children like to have more time for?

Paula lukaszewicz (12), 7. Class: "I liked having more time for volleyball besides school. I play for the TC hochstadt, and that's often stressful in addition to lessons. I'm also still a member of the pfadfinder, the german scout troop. Georg, it's a lot of fun for me. Besides all the homework and studying I would have liked to have more time for that. "

Susanna schraut (12), 7. Class, from etzelskirchen: because of school i had to stop playing the piano, i would have liked to have more time for that. I used to play soccer, but it became too much stress for me, because I had training twice a week and games as well. I had to stop doing that too. Now I play volleyball in the club and I would like to have more time for my friends.

David rodel (14), 9. Class, from hochstadt: at the beginning of the school year it's not so stressful, but last year i had to study a lot and didn't have much time. I would like to have more time to play soccer or to meet with my friends to do something. I am also still a member of the chess club. I would like to play chess more often.

Michelle amon (13), 7. Class: i liked having more time for my friends besides school. During the week it is not possible because of all the homework and studying. I like to paint at home, I would do it more often when I had more time. And more badminton play would be also already.

Vivien ranger (12), 7. Class, from hochstadt: besides school, i would like to go to the movies or shopping more often, so do more with friends. I also play the harp in addition to school, so I would like to have more time. I also play tennis at TC hochstadt, and you have to manage all that somehow in addition to school, which is not so easy with lots of afternoon classes and homework.