History play on the stettfeld anna chapel

History play on the stettfeld anna chapel

Busy at the church square in stettfeld. While andrea ullrich and stefanie egglseder slip into long weibe gewander, daniel full and christian ziegler toil away with their wooden swords. "Where is she, I can’t see the maiden", it resounds dramatically from the high ground in front of the parish hall. "Stop", director maria egglseder interjects. "The sword must be in front of the face. Yes, that’s better. And again, please." She has her hands full at the moment, putting the finishing touches to her actors.

Finally the history play around the building of the annakapelle 300 years ago should become something special.
Author christian ziegler has taken on an ur-stettfeld topic this time, after his piece on the 1100th anniversary of the municipality of viereth two years ago. "We have thought about the 300th anniversary of the. Jubilee to make the chapel something special. Since we didn’t want to stage a rough stucco this year, a one-act play about the chapel building was the obvious choice", he reports.

This time, too, the actor and author have taken a few liberties with history. "The stucco should have its funny moments, but should always approach the subject with the necessary seriousness."

So the story is all about the widow anna-barbara agricola, who wants to endow a chapel on the occasion of the priestly ordination of her son. However, the pastor has something against it and spins in the background with his gossip-seeking housekeeper eugenie intrigues. But hochwurden has made the calculation without the resourceful stettfelder. Quickly an old local legend is dug up and a mystery play is staged to recall a miracle of saint anna.

For weeks, the actors of the stettfeld open-air stage, supported by manuela leicht and ulli wohlleber from unterhaid, have already been rehearsing the play, which has its own unique requirements. "The language with all the ancient expressions is sometimes challenging", laughs stefanie egglseder, who is participating for the first time this year and slips into the role of the landlady ursula. "It’s just something completely different", her comrades-in-arms agree with her.

For maria egglseder it is even a journey into her own past, because anna-barbara agricola is one of the director’s ancestors. "It’s exciting, after all, it’s part of the history of our house", she explains.

The stettfelder and their guests, can in any case already look forward, when the actors at the annafest on saturday, 27. July, at 15.30 a.M. And at 5 p.M. In the picturesque ambience between the parsonage and the church, they will perform their piece to the best of their abilities.

But the annafest is not the only date in the calendar of the actors. Just one day later, it’s off to hollfeld. There is the group around 13.30 o’clock at the upper franconian dialect theater day on the stage.

In keeping with the anniversary of the brothers grimm, the actors took their audience "on a tour through marchenland". Birgit amling, also a member of the freilichtbuhne ensemble, has written a biting, hearty, french play in which none of the characters minces words. When in the dark marchenwald red cap, the wicked wolf, hansel and gretel and snow white and the prince meet, there is no sparing of side blows on politics and world events, naturally in dialect.