Criticism of the division of the b-classes

Criticism of the division of the b-classes

TV jahn winkels has ambitious goals: promotion to the A-class. But in the opinion of club president holger buczynski, the association is interfering with his changed B-class division. Others see advantages.

In the four B-class rhon runs this season something like a pilot project. Teams with staff shortages are allowed to play nine against nine, according to district match director andre nagelsmann. This does not even require the agreement of both teams. If one of the teams requests a reduction in team strength at least two days before the match, the opponent must submit to it. Games ten against ten in the sense of fair play will remain possible. However, both teams must be compliant.

The nine-against-nine rule did not meet with the approval of all B-class clubs. Twelve or 13 wanted to continue to play exclusively eleven against eleven, says nagelsmann. In the division of playing classes, he placed these teams in B-class 1, including winkels. In the remaining three classes, nine-on-nine should be possible. Whereas the number of substitutes has been increased from three to five, so each coach can use up to 14 players in one game as before. Also, the playing field can be reduced by one penalty area (16,32 meters) if necessary.

After the division was published at the beginning of june, half of the clubs from B-class 1 folded. The distances to the future opponents have become too far for them. According to nagelsmann, the association had "intensive talks" with the remaining supporters of eleven against eleven. Until all the clubs have agreed to the following arrangement: four regionally divided B-classes, in which all nine against nine is possible. The trial initially runs for one season.

Club president holger buczynski is not satisfied with this. His winkelser were grouped in the B-class 2, with only one first, many second and one third team from the kissinger area. In winkels squad hours more than 30 players. Buczynski wonders how they all start at nine against nine. He fears that he will be deprived of players who do not play so often. Experience also shows that matches are often cancelled by second and third teams due to lack of players. For the president a possible distortion of competition, if because of this the TV can not play the necessary points for promotion.

The five substitutes do not solve the problem for him. "The constant exchange breaks up the flow of the game." If you have so many substitutes, you can also play eleven against eleven.
Euerdorf sports director markus erhard takes a more relaxed view of the new division. The SG euerdorf/sulzthal II plays in a class with winkels. So far, we’ve always been able to get enough people together for the game," he said. "But at some point we are certainly happy that there are nine against nine."
Also the relatively short distances and the derbies against aura and ramstal are for erhard an advantage of the new division. And there are two games more than in division 1. The sporting director has only one fear: that players, for example from the old men’s team, who were called up in an emergency, will stay away. They could say: if you now play nine against nine, I can stay at home.