Baiersdorf elementary school students design new climbing frame themselves

Baiersdorf elementary school students design new climbing frame themselves

The children of baiersdorf elementary school had written their own song to mark the official opening of the new climbing frame in the playground.

But the enthusiasm for the new exercise facility is great, as reported by norbert deising, chairman of the parents’ council, who lives right next door to the school. His daughter anna "had" to on the day after the tuv acceptance, already around 7.3 p.M. So that she could get a seat.

In september 2017, the game hedgehog had to be closed due to various damages. First to go into action were the fourth-graders. They drew many plans of what the new climbing frame should look like. The proposals were actually implemented by a specialist company.

A rough climber costs around 50000 euro with all the trimmings. A sum that even the city can’t shake out of its arm so easily. So ideas were needed: the first was a rough advent campaign with handicrafts by the children and many many donated placemats. "The school family has stuck together", deising emphasized.

Then the call went out for a rough donation campaign. The municipal enterprise and several local associations joined in, as did 164 private donors. The group financing was organized by the VR bank, which promised to add the same amount to each ten-euro donation. 3280 euros were added from the private sector – until, thanks to the "addition", the project was completed of the school challenge club 23.000 euro had accumulated.

The city, or more precisely its building yard, took over the demolition and all earthwork and construction work. "What one cannot do, many can", third mayor dorothea neubauer (CSU) took stock before the rappers from the fourth grade presented a new school song.