Award-winning buildings can be marveled at

Award-winning buildings can be marveled at

The BDA award for franconia is presented every two years and this year was the seventh time it has been awarded. "It has become a permanent institution and an important benchmark for the evaluation of contemporary buildings" said the department director of the government of upper franconia, marion resch-heckel, at the vernissage on tuesday evening.

City faces up to responsibility
Mayor henry schramm (CSU) made it clear that it is also the task of a municipality as a developer "to build consciously and to comply with certain standards". A building must be functional, but it must also be architecturally special. Kulmbach is aware of this responsibility. During the renovation of the town hall, efforts were made to respect the historical building while at the same time designing the rooms so that people would enjoy working there. The former savings bank building, which had fallen into disrepair, had also been turned into a decorative piece in the old town. The building of the municipal utility in the blaich is in his opinion also very well done. Architecture must stimulate discussion, said the oberburg mayor.

Not only french gable roof
With state requirements and with marion resch-heckel as an advisor, the city has been able to get a number of projects off the ground. Schramm was pleased that some of the buildings will be presented as part of the exhibition. The buildings awarded by the BDA showed "how good french architecture can be and how many possibilities there are to create beautiful buildings". It doesn't always have to be the typical french gable roof.

Partly groundbreaking for bavaria
Marion resch-heckel praised the innovative developments in architecture in upper franconia and in urban housing, some of which are pioneering for rural areas throughout bavaria. "It has been recognized that it is very important to strengthen the functionality of local centers in terms of supply, housing and communication. In many places, it is also recognized that good urban development and high-quality architecture are location factors that should not be underestimated and that influence people's well-being", according to resch-heckel. The important thing for the creation of a high-quality building is that the planner "gets intensively involved in the building task, examines alternatives and finds the best possible solution for the task and the location in dialog with the client and possibly also with the burghers". "The architect's rough art is to set accents with modern architecture respecting the surrounding buildings, especially in the context of listed buildings.

Upper franconia at the forefront
Upper franconia has taken a leading position in the competition in recent years, with the public sector leading by example. The exhibition shows many convincing projects "that are exemplary for the current building culture in franconia". 93 contributions have been submitted. The federation of german architects has presented four awards, four recognitions and five commendations. Buildings presented by marion resch-heckel at the vernissage. It pointed out that outstanding examples of excellent architecture have also been created in kulmbach in recent years. In addition to the buildings mentioned by henry schramm, she also mentioned the rohl villa at the CVG and the museums on the monchshof site.
The exhibition is open until 24. May be seen mondays to fridays from 8 a.M. To 4 p.M. Each day.