Ats wins kulmbach fubball city championship

Ats wins kulmbach fubball city championship

After the cancellation of four teams (TSV 08 kulmbach, BC leuchau, FC kirchleus, SV burghaig) in advance of the 33. Kulmbacher fubball-stadtmeisterschaft was still the vatanspor kulmbach unceremoniously did not appear, so that the organizing club, the TSV melkendorf, decided to play with the remaining five teams in a tournament in the mode "everyone against everyone" with a playing time of half an hour at a time. The title went to the district league team ATS kulmbach, which scored 10 points in four games and also had the best scorer in nino muller. The newcomer from spvgg bayreuth II scored four goals in total.

Second place was surprisingly secured by vfb kulmbach, who withdrew from the district league and will be playing in the A-class next season. The favorites vfr katschenreuth and BSC kulmbach (A-class) followed in 3rd and 4th place with six points each. Without a point, the host TSV melkendorf had to settle for last place. The fairnisspokal went to BSC kulmbach.

The first surprise was to be seen in the meeting of the two district league teams ATS kulmbach and vfr katschenreuth, which ATS won by a narrow margin of 1:0. Although the vfr was superior and pressed hard for the equalizer, it just wouldn’t happen. ATS stumbled a little against city rivals vfb when, after taking a 1-0 lead, they had to concede the equalizer shortly before the end. ATS goalkeeper dominic schuberth couldn’t hold the ball, tahir elhami was brought down in the penalty area and mustafa karli converted the penalty kick.

With an undisputed 2:0 victory over BSC kulmbach, ATS secured the city championship in its last game before the deadline. Both goals scored by nino muller. ATS player mehmet topal was shown the red card in this game because he was the last man to stop a BSC player running alone towards the ATS goal by committing a foul.

In the last game, vfr katschenreuth carelessly missed the chance to reach second place against vfb. Berce scored the only goal of the game with a gentle attack through maier and kratzel.

For vfr coach detlef zenk, the city championship is still a good yardstick: "even though many clubs don’t attach any importance to it, it’s always a good opportunity for me as a coach to try out different tactics and players. The placement is relatively indifferent to me, but on the whole I was not satisfied with the performance today. At the end it was a training day and i got my knowledge for the start of the league season."

The results

Vfb kulmbach – TSV melkendorf 2:0; vfr katschenreuth – BSC kulmbach 1:0; TSV – ATS 0:2; BSC – vfb 1:0; ATS – vfr 1:0; TSV – BSC 3:0; ATS – vfb 1:1; vfr – TSV 4:0; BSC – ATS 0:2; vfb – vfr 1:0.