Charms is a secure website that will be utilized to provide information to students and parents : Practice schedules, handouts/music, volunteer requests etc.

Instructions for Entering Charms:     Then click “Enter/Login” parent/student/members

School code is LTHSOrch   Then enter your student’s id#   This is their password for initial access.

Change password to your preference, it is case sensitive.

Updating Info:

Select icon for “Update Info” (blue icon bottom row)

Enter student info then select “Add New Adult”

Enter information for adult

Select the green “Update” button on the upper right corner to save changes

Select red “Exit Charms” button on the upper left corner to log out

Linking Siblings:

Select icon for “multiple students”

Enter school code and additional students passwords.  You may now go between multiple students by accessing this page.  No need to log in multiple times.


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