TeleStrategies’ 2023 Communications Tax Conference

Today, Eversheds Sutherland Partners Liz Cha, Maria Todorova and Eric Tresh will take part in panel sessions throughout TeleStrategies’ 2023 Communications Tax Conference in New Orleans, LA. The conference deals with the tough and complicated domain of telecoms tax, regulative compliance and costs.

On May 4, Liz and Eric will supply an upgrade on essential lawsuits and debates including the tax of telecoms services, consisting of the application of telecom taxes to software and hardware, court analyses of the constraints of the Web Tax Liberty Act and the unbundling of taxable and nontaxable services and products.

Likewise on May 4, Eric will take part in a panel that takes a look at how to develop and carry out bundled rates for tax and regulative functions. Eric will assist examine problems connected with market rates and flexibility of need, lessening taxes, and threat management.

Lastly, on May 5, Maria will assist go over the intricacies of gross invoices taxes, in addition to brand-new taxes and costs suitable to the interactions market. In addition, she will highlight problems and debates connected to these taxes.

View and find out more about previous and approaching occasions and discussions.

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