Quake II RTX 1.7.0 Obtain

Revel in practical reflections, refraction, shadows, and world illumination whilst you battle your means throughout the opposed Strogg civilization within the first 3 ranges of the unique sport. Best then will the destiny of humanity be recognized. Quake II with RTX—It is On. This demo contains the primary 3 single-player ranges of the PC gaming vintage. House owners of the unique can patch their replica and revel in all of the sport, together with multiplayer modes absolutely trail traced.

Quake II RTX with GeForce RTX

Take a look at Quake II RTX and the way it applies a sophisticated type of ray tracing referred to as trail tracing. Get able to enjoy 1997’s Quake II like by no means earlier than. That is imaginable because of Nvidia’s VKRay, an extension that permits builders the usage of the Vulkan API so as to add ray-traced results to their video games.

Actual-Time Ray Tracing

International lights results like practical reflections, refraction, shadows, and world illumination create a complete new Quake II enjoy. Quake II RTX contains real-time vary time of day lights, solar gentle and oblique illumination. Water and glass will refract gentle, surfaces will ship extra correct reflections and lightweight resources remove darkness from surrounding items. Those results Nvidia says would require the RT cores discovered on RTX collection GPUs, thus the minimal specification for operating the sport might be a GeForce RTX 2060 GPU.

What is New

Fastened Problems:

  • Fastened a crash within the sport good judgment when a monster interacts with a door in notarget mode (#92)
  • Fastened a crash when the map record does not have a VIS hunk (#223)
  • Fastened some Vulkan validation layer problems (#229, #246, extra)
  • Fastened texture alignment problems on some doorways (#211)
  • Fastened the flare gun nonetheless the usage of ammo with dmflags together with 8192 (DF_INFINITE_AMMO) (https://github.com/NVIDIA/Q2RTX/problems/)191)
  • Fastened Vulkan queue initialization on platforms that do not toughen cut up queues (#248)
  • Switched the OpenAL dependency with a statically related library (#224)

Misc Enhancements:

  • Added toughen for construction on PowerPC 64 LE CPU structure (#260)
  • Adjusted the automated UI scaling to keep away from making the UI too giant
  • Advanced precision of goal body price adjustment (#242)
  • Tuned the full-screen mix results to be much less in depth
  • Up to date the Loading plaque texture (#265)

Contributions via GitHub consumer @res2k:

  • Added a caution when screen-space symbol reminiscence utilization may be very top (#179)
  • Added keep an eye on over fallback radiance of emissive fabrics (#210)
  • Added menu controls for the complete display screen mix results (#216)
  • Added toughen for spotlights with an emission profile and a participant flashlight (#203, #214)
  • Fastened a crash when some textures are lacking (#263)
  • Fastened an overflow situation when pt_bsp_sky_lights is greater than 1 (#262)
  • Fastened animated textures on BSP fashions (#187)
  • Fastened crashes when renderer initialization fails (#199)
  • Fastened FSR symbol scaling in some circumstances (#232)
  • Fastened improper scaling of textures and not using a customized subject matter definition (#235)
  • Fastened mode surroundings on Linux in GitGub CI builds (#268)
  • Fastened save sport compatibility with Q2RTX 1.5.0 (#193)
  • Fastened some problems with lights in customized maps (#189)
  • Fastened texture knowledge dimension computation for R16_UNORM textures (#236)
  • Fastened the HDR screenshot function (#190)
  • Fastened the glance of smoke results (#195)
  • Fastened the variability of animated gentle intensities (#200)
  • Fastened the substitute textures when a couple of fabrics are used with the similar base texture (#222)
  • Advanced gentle record dealing with to mend over the top flicker and noise (#234)
  • Advanced subject matter device robustness for video games with customized textures (#201)
  • Advanced polygonal gentle sampling to scale back noise and darkening (#266)
  • Advanced Wayland toughen (#261, #221)
  • Built-in a number of fixes from Q2PRO (#196)
  • Changed the only sky_clusters.txt record with per-map recordsdata (#219)
  • Tweaked debris to have extra nuanced colours (#197)
  • Up to date SDL2 to two.26.1 (#252)

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