AI-generated art wins Sony photography contest

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  • Artist Boris Eldagsen won the Sony World Photography Awards with a piece called “The Electrical contractor.”
  • Eldagsen did decline the reward after exposing his partnership with AI.
  • Eldagsen states he got in the contest to be a “saucy monkey” and see if “competitors are gotten ready for AI images.”

AI art has actually been a continuous subject of discussion with the increase of tools like OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 and Midjourney. Nevertheless, an artist’s current stunt has actually fanned the flames surrounding the AI-generated art discussion.

The World Photography Company (WPO) held its yearly Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA). Amongst the images sent to the Open Classification, an entry from Boris Eldagsen became the winner. Eldagsen later on rejected the award, exposing his piece was made in partnership with AI (through Peta Pixel).

The piece in concern, called “The Electrical contractor,” includes 2 ladies in a rough sepia-toned image. Among the ladies practically seems attempting to conceal behind the other, leaning her face on the other’s back.


Ryan McNeal/ Android Authority

If Eldagsen had actually accepted the reward, he would’ve gotten $5,000, photography devices, and a location in the WPO’s book and display. He likewise would’ve taken advantage of direct exposure and promo.

On his site, the self-proclaimed “photomedia artist” described why he got in the Open Classification of the SWPA.

I used as a saucy monkey, to discover, if the competitors are gotten ready for AI images to go into. They are not.
We, the photo world, require an open conversation. A conversation about what we wish to think about photography and what not. Is the umbrella of photography big enough to welcome AI images to go into– or would this be an error?
With my rejection of the award I wish to accelerate this dispute.

Eldagsen explains the AI-generated art as a “co-creation.” The co-creation is “the outcome of a complicated interaction of timely engineering, inpainting, and outpainting that makes use of my wealth of photographic understanding.” The method Eldagsen sees it, he is the “director” informing the AI what to do.

In a declaration to Gizmodo, the WPO reacted to the stunt by stating:

Provided [Eldagsen’s] actions and subsequent declaration noting his purposeful efforts at misinforming us, and for that reason revoking the guarantees he supplied, we no longer feel we have the ability to take part in a significant and positive discussion with him.

Whether this will accelerate the dispute on AI’s location in art stays to be seen. However this stunt certainly provided the discussion some brand-new life.

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