10 Easy Ways to Eliminate Slugs and Snails

If your garden is more extremely slime highway than plentiful harvest, this guide is for you.

Regardless of their harmful practices and general “ick” element, snails and slugs are anything however powerful. In truth, there are a lot of imaginative methods to ward off or eliminate them that you may have a tough time picking simply one.

Industrial snail and slug killers work, however they threaten and can hurt the “excellent” animals in your garden. Conserve cash with among these simple natural home remedy rather.

1. Provide a bath

Each time you head out in the garden, bring a little pail with a couple of drops of meal soap blended in. Select off any soft-bodied bugs you see, toss them into the bath and dispose out their stays the next day.

The percentage of meal soap avoids snails, slugs and even caterpillars from leaving.

2. Get them intoxicated

If you’re going to eliminate the slimy little people, you may too let them pass away intoxicated and pleased.

Set out dishes of stagnant beer, making certain that the bugs can discover their method over the ledge and into the dive bar. They’ll be naturally drawn to the yeasty odor of the beer, then fall in and drown. Do not utilize this approach if family pets or children exist.

3. Put out a small barbed wire fence

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around susceptible plants and leave. It resembles putting out a bed of tiny razor blades and fragments of glass, so snails and slugs will do their finest to avoid the things.

Usage this technique moderately, however, considering that it can slice away at “excellent” bugs and animals too.

4. Simply include salt

It may not be the kindest or cleanest approach, however salt actually does eliminate slugs and snails by drying the mucous finish their permeable bodies.

Sprinkle an extremely percentage, considering that it does not take much to hurt neighboring plants. However if a slug is close adequate to eliminate with salt, you ‘d be much better off selecting the important things off by hand.

5. Put out a banana trap

Pick this approach if you ‘d rather not touch the snails and slugs at all.

Leave a banana skin, grapefruit peel or melon rind out near impacted plants during the night, and get rid of the peel– animals and all– in the early morning. Utilize a shovel to prevent getting slimed!

6. Tangle them up

If your furry buddy is shedding a lot, put that hair to excellent usage and proclaim the base of impacted plants. The fur will adhere to slugs’ and snails’ mucous finish and keep them from getting much further.

7. Do not bring house hitchhikers

Slugs typically go into the garden by hiding on nursery plants. When buying, completely check each plant, likewise inspecting the particles or dead leaves on the soil surface area. Eliminate any snails, slugs and other stowaways.

8. Tidy up dead leaves

Dead leaves in the garden are generally a good idea, since they offer a natural environment for great deals of little animals that benefit your soil and plants.

However if you have a slug invasion, dead leaves need to go. Whether you toss them on the compost heap or bag them up simply to play it safe, a neat garden will a minimum of assist you get a manage on the snails and slugs.

9. Bring in natural predators

Simply as there are great deals of methods to eliminate slugs and snails, there are great deals of animals who will gladly take them off your hands.

Bring in snail-eating frogs, toads, lizards and even snakes (most are safe) by offering hiding locations, like stones or logs in or near your garden. You may even pick to keep those dead leaves, if you’re going this path.

Include native plants, bird feeders and birdhouses to bring in snail- and slug-eating birds It takes a while to develop a varied garden, however you’ll have less insect issues in the long run.

10. Grow something else

It isn’t what you wish to hear, however if your garden is overflowing with slugs and it looks like absolutely nothing can get rid of the slimy afflict, think about growing plants they will not consume.

Besides, a garden with huge insect issues is a garden that runs out balance. Diversify!


Initially released July 28, 2016.

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