10 Easy Pieces: Standard Drinking Glasses

A vital for any kitchen area: well-proportioned standard drinking glasses. Here’s what we have actually got on our racks.

march luisa clear water glass 1 Above: On the greater end of the prices spectrum, the R+D Laboratory Luisa Clear Water Glass is made from light-weight and long lasting Swiss borosilicate; $50 each.
alessi glass family trio 2 Above: Francesca is a fan of the Jasper Morrison for Alessi Glass Household Set The glasses are readily available in 3 sizes for $7.55 each at Connox or as a set of 4 of the 3.25-inch glasses for $44.26 on Amazon
cb2 marta coolers set of 6 3 Above: The micro-thin Marta Barware line from CB2 is well priced and appealing; rates begin at $1.95 at CB2.
duralex unie tumbler tempered glass 4 Above: From renowned French business Duralex, the tempered Duralex Unie Tumblers are $24 for a set of 6 at Duralex.
march vincent van duysen clear glassware 5 Above: Alexa’s preferred is the Clear Glass Wares created by designer Vincent Van Duysen, readily available in 3 sizes and priced from $60 to $65 depending upon design at March.
bormioli rocco bodega glasses 6 Above: Justine is a long time fan of the Spanish red wine glass. The Bormioli Rocco Bodega Glasses are made from tempered glass; $74.99 for a set of 18 various glasses at Bormioli Rocco. They are likewise readily available in the very same set of 18 at Food52 for $80.
hawkins new york essential glassware 7 Above: Simple and budget-friendly, the Hawkins New York City Necessary Glass Wares begins at $32 for a set of 4 little glasses.
kartio drinking glass 2 pack clear 8 Above: Meredith is the happy owner of a set of Iittala Kartio tumblers, a traditional by Finnish designer Kaj Franck. The Kartio Clear Drinking Glass Two-Pack is $18 at Royal Style.
orskov honest glasses 9 Above: Janet swears by Orskov Glass Wares from Denmark. Made from heatproof borosilicate, the glasses are readily available in 5 sizes and variety from $30 to $56 for sets of 6 from A+R Shop.
march oaxacan drinking glass 10 Above: Julie likes the almost unbreakable and constantly well-priced Oaxacan-style tumblers at March. The Oaxacan Drinking Glass is $8.
williams sonoma pint glasses set of 4 11 Above: The Williams-Sonoma Pint Glasses Set of 4 is $59.95 at Williams-Sonoma.
ikea 365 clear glass 15 ounce 12 Above: For glasses en masse, the Ikea 365 15 Ounce Clear Glass is $11.99 for a pack of 6.

N.B.: This post was initially released on July 27, 2011. We have actually upgraded it with brand-new and extra item choices and present prices.

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