New Cases Spotlight Finest Practices for Handing Ephemeral Messages in Lawsuits

Brand-new cases are when again highlighting the obstacles that ephemeral messaging applications position for business and their workers. On the heels of the current statement that financial investment banks would lower settlement for workers whose usage of “off channel” messaging applications like Signal led to the SEC’s huge fines on monetary services business, the court in Pable v. Chicago Transit Authority (N.D. Ill. Mar. 2, 2023) dismissed a suit after discovering complainant stopped working to maintain appropriate text he sent out and got on Signal. Both Pable and Globus Medical, Inc. v. Jamison (E.D. Va. Feb. 10, 2023)– another case including allegations of proof spoliation with Signal– stress the requirement for counsel to work out mindful oversight concerning customer usage of “off channel,” ephemeral messaging applications.

Pable v. Chicago Transit Authority

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