Enhance efficiency by utilizing keyboard faster ways in Amazon Athena question editor

Amazon Athena is a serverless, interactive analytics service constructed on open-source structures, supporting open-table and file formats. Athena supplies a streamlined, versatile method to examine petabytes of information where it lives. You can examine information or develop applications from an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) information lake and over 25 information sources, consisting of on-premises information sources or other cloud systems utilizing SQL or Python. Athena is constructed on open-source Trino and Presto engines and Apache Glow structures, without any provisioning or setup effort needed.

Various kinds of users count on Athena, consisting of service experts, information researchers, security, and operations engineers. Athena supplies a question editor to go into and run questions on information utilizing structured question language (SQL). The question editor supplies functions like run, cancel, and conserve questions or declarations. In addition, it supplies keyboard faster ways for easy to use operation.

This post goes over the keyboard shortcuts readily available and how you can utilize them.

Accessing the Athena console

If you’re brand-new to Athena and do not understand how to access the Athena console and run questions and declarations, describe the following getting going tutorial This guide strolls you through utilizing Athena to query information. You’ll develop a table based upon sample information saved in Amazon S3, query the table, and inspect the outcomes of the question.

Keyboard faster ways

The question editor supplies keyboard faster ways for various action types like running a question, formatting a question, line operations, choice, multi-cursor, go to, find/replace, and folding. Compared to grabbing the mouse or browsing a menu, a single keyboard faster way conserves a minute of your time.

With keyboard faster ways, you can utilize crucial mixes to modify your SQL declaration without utilizing a mouse. For instance, you can utilize several cursors in your modifying window for choosing all circumstances of text you want to modify, and modify your text, fold or unfold chosen text, discover and change text, and carry out line operations like eliminate line, relocation lines, and more.

You can likewise discover these keyboard shortcuts on the question editor on the bottom best corner, as highlighted in the following screenshot.

The following table reveals the keyboards faster ways for Window/Linux and Mac.

Action Type Action Windows/Linux Mac
Other Perform question Ctrl-Enter Cmd-Enter, Ctrl-Enter
Other Format question Ctrl-Alt-L Opt-Cmd-L
Other Previous question Ctrl-Up Ctrl-Shift-Up
Other Next question Ctrl-Down Ctrl-Shift-Down
Other Close tab Alt-X Opt-X
Other Previous tab Ctrl-, Ctrl-,
Other Next tab Ctrl-. Ctrl-.
Other Indent Tab Tab
Other Outdent Shift-Tab Shift-Tab
Other Conserve Ctrl-S Cmd-S
Other Reverse Ctrl-Z Cmd-Z
Other Redo Ctrl-Shift-Z, Ctrl-Y Cmd-Shift-Z, Cmd-Y
Other Toggle remark Ctrl-/ Cmd-/
Other Transpose letters Ctrl-T Ctrl-T
Other Modification to decrease case Ctrl-Shift-U Ctrl-Shift-U
Other Modification to upper case Ctrl-U Ctrl-U
Other Overwrite Insert Insert
Other Erase Erase
Line Operations Eliminate line Ctrl-D Cmd-D
Line Operations Copy lines down Alt-Shift-Down Cmd-Opt-Down
Line Operations Copy lines up Alt-Shift-Up Cmd-Opt-Up
Line Operations Move lines down Alt-Down Opt-Down
Line Operations Move lines up Alt-Up Opt-Up
Line Operations Eliminate to line end Alt-Delete Ctrl-K
Line Operations Eliminate to line start Alt-Backspace Cmd-Backspace
Line Operations Eliminate word left Ctrl-Backspace Opt-Backspace, Ctrl-Opt-Backspace
Line Operations Eliminate word right Ctrl-Delete Opt-Delete
Line Operations Split line Ctrl-O
Choice Select all Ctrl-A Cmd-A
Choice Select left Shift-Left Shift-Left
Choice Select right Shift-Right Shift-Right
Choice Select word left Ctrl-Shift-Left Opt-Shift-Left
Choice Select word right Ctrl-Shift-Right Opt-Shift-Right
Choice Select line start Shift-Home Shift-Home
Choice Select line end Shift-End Shift-End
Choice Select to line end Alt-Shift-Right Cmd-Shift-Right
Choice Select to line start Alt-Shift-Left Cmd-Shift-Left
Choice Select up Shift-Up Shift-Up
Choice Select down Shift-Down Shift-Down
Choice Select page up Shift-PageUp Shift-PageUp
Choice Select page down Shift-PageDown Shift-PageDown
Choice Select to begin Ctrl-Shift-Home Cmd-Shift-Up
Choice Select to end Ctrl-Shift-End Cmd-Shift-Down
Choice Replicate choice Ctrl-Shift-D Cmd-Shift-D
Choice Select to matching bracket Ctrl-Shift-P
Multicursor Include multi-cursor above Ctrl-Alt-Up Ctrl-Opt-Up
Multicursor Include multi-cursor listed below Ctrl-Alt-Down Ctrl-Opt-Down
Multicursor Include next event to multi-selection Ctrl-Alt-Right Ctrl-Opt-Right
Multicursor Include previous event to multi-selection Ctrl-Alt-Left Ctrl-Opt-Left
Multicursor Move multi-cursor from present line to the line above Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Up Ctrl-Opt-Shift-Up
Multicursor Move multi-cursor from present line to the line listed below Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Down Ctrl-Opt-Shift-Down
Multicursor Eliminate present event from multi-selection and transfer to next Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Right Ctrl-Opt-Shift-Right
Multicursor Eliminate present event from multi-selection and transfer to previous Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Left Ctrl-Opt-Shift-Left
Multicursor Select all from multi-selection Ctrl-Shift-L Ctrl-Shift-L
Go to Go to left Left Left, Ctrl-B
Go to Go to best Right Right, Ctrl-F
Go to Go to word left Ctrl-Left Opt-Left
Go to Go to word right Ctrl-Right Opt-Right
Go to Go line up Up Up, Ctrl-P
Go to Go line down Down Down, Ctrl-N
Go to Go to line start Alt-Left, House Cmd-Left, House, Ctrl-A
Go to Go to line end Alt-Right, End Cmd-Right, End, Ctrl-E
Go to Go to page up PageUp Opt-PageUp
Go to Go to page down PageDown Opt-PageDown, Ctrl-V
Go to Go to begin Ctrl-Home Cmd-Home, Cmd-Up
Go to Go to end Ctrl-End Cmd-End, Cmd-Down
Go to Scroll line down Ctrl-Down Cmd-Down
Go to Scroll line up Ctrl-Up
Go to Go to matching bracket Ctrl-P
Go to Scroll page down Opt-PageDown
Go to Scroll page up Opt-PageUp
Find/Replace Discover Ctrl-F Cmd-F
Find/Replace Replace Ctrl-H Cmd-Opt-F
Find/Replace Discover next Ctrl-K Cmd-G
Find/Replace Discover previous Ctrl-Shift-K Cmd-Shift-G
Folding Fold choice Alt-L, Ctrl-F1 Cmd-Opt-L, Cmd-F1
Folding Unfold Alt-Shift-L, Ctrl-Shift-F1 Cmd-Opt-Shift-L, Cmd-Shift-F1
Folding Unfold all Alt-Shift-0 Cmd-Opt-Shift-0
Other Autocomplete Ctrl-Space Ctrl-Space
Other Focus out Esc Esc

For illustration, you can carry out the Format question action by utilizing the keyboard faster way ( Ctrl-Alt-L for Windows/Linux, Opt-Cmd-L for Mac). It transforms unformatted SQL to a well-formatted SQL, as displayed in the following screenshots.

Likewise, you can try the Toggle remark command ( Ctrl-/ for Windows/Linux, Cmd-/ for Mac) to comment or uncomment lines of SQL in the Athena question editor. This can be found in really helpful when you wish to rapidly comment out particular lines in your question, as displayed in the following screenshots.

You can do line operations like Eliminate line, Copy lines down, Copy lines up, and more. The following screenshots reveal an example of the Eliminate line action ( Ctrl-D for Windows/Linux, Cmd-D for Mac).

You can do a line choice like Select all, Select left, Select line start, and more. The following screenshots reveal an example the Select all action ( Ctrl-A for Windows/Linux, Cmd-A for Mac).

You can do multi-cursor actions like Include multi-cursor above, Include multi-cursor listed below, Include next event to multi-selection, Include previous event to multi-selection, Move multi-cursor from present line to the line above, and more. The copying is of the Include multi-cursor above action ( Ctrl-Alt-Up for Windows/Linux, Ctrl-Opt-Up for Mac).

You can do go to actions like Go to left, Go to best, Go to word left, and more. The following is an example of the Go to left action ( Ctrl-B).

You can do discover and change actions like Discover, Change, Discover next, and more. The following is an example of the Change action ( Ctrl-H for Windows/Linux, Cmd-Opt-F for Mac).

You can likewise do folding actions like Fold choice, Unfold, and Unfold all The copying is of the Unfold action ( Alt-Shift-L or Ctrl-Shift-F1 for Windows/Linux, Cmd-Opt-Shift-L or Cmd-Shift-F1 for Mac).


In this post, we saw how Athena supplies a range of native choices to assist you enhance efficiency when examining your information. You can go to the Athena console and begin running SQL declarations or querying information utilizing the integrated question editor. The question editor supplies crucial faster ways to enhance your efficiency by utilizing crucial mixes to modify SQL declarations, rather of utilizing a mouse.

If you have any concerns or recommendations, please leave a remark.

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