The manageable mediocrity of Baidu’s ChatGPT rival Ernie Bot

3. President Xi Jinping took a trip to Russia to meet Vladimir Putin today. The financial relationship in between the 2 nations has actually compromised recently. ( Wall Street Journal $)

4. A year after the China Eastern Airlines crash that eliminated 132 individuals, the Chinese federal government still does not have a conclusion about what failed. ( Associated Press)

5. Jiang Yanyong, the Chinese medical professional who exposed the cover-up of the SARS break out in 2003, passed away at the age of 91. ( NPR)

6. Somebody keeps cutting the undersea cable televisions linking a Taiwanese island chain to the web. Taiwanese authorities blame unexpected damage from Chinese ships. ( Vice)

7. Guo Wengui, a questionable Chinese billionaire with close ties to Steve Bannon, was apprehended in New york city on Wednesday for a $1 billion scams plan. ( NBC News)

  • ” The New Federal State of China,” an entity Guo and Bannon introduced in 2020, considerably overemphasized its function in assisting to rescue Ukrainian refugees in 2022 and utilized it for political promo. ( Mom Jones)

Lost in translation

Throughout the very first 2 years of the pandemic, Chinese insurance provider promoted “covid insurance coverage”– individuals can pay a one-time premium of a couple of dollars and get countless dollars back if they capture covid. However as reporter Yu Meng composed in the Chinese publication Connecting, it can be exceptionally difficult to get that payment.

Yu purchased covid insurance coverage at the start of 2022 and checked favorable on an at-home antigen test in December, throughout a nationwide wave of infections after China loosened its pandemic control procedures. The insurer offered her a number to call, however nobody responded to. Yu reports there are at least 60,000 more individuals who sued with the exact same business. Some called lots of times a day, and some took legal action against the business. Some submitted problems with China’s insurance coverage regulator. However really couple of individuals really made money in the end.

At one point when she lastly handled to reach the business, a client agent informed Yu: “Do you understand the number of claims we have? You believe individuals above me have not determined the expenses? Obviously, they did. It can reach billions and will trigger the business to declare bankruptcy. Do you believe the state will enable a state-owned business to declare bankruptcy? Can you envision that?” In the end, Yu, who had actually anticipated to get 20,000 RMB ($ 2,900), accepted 5000 RMB. Her moms and dads, who purchased the exact same insurance coverage, quit on getting any cash back.

Another thing

Even kids can’t get away the AI trend now. Just recently, the city government in China’s eastern province Zhejiang revealed it would integrate more artificial-intelligence education into the elementary school and intermediate school curricula. How extreme the lessons will be is still uncertain, however I’m questioning: will we come cycle and see Chinese kids utilizing Ernie Bot to do their research on Ernie Bot?

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