Stainless-Steel Compact Cooking Area Elements from Tool Kit in Tokyo

Tool kit of Tokyo expects the requirements of metropolitan house occupants by using a complete compendium of family foundation, from brass TP holders to wood stair rails, all with a lean, stripped-back appearance– and no plastic in sight. The business outgrew a realty company and now has a site and Shibuya display room tailored to DIYers searching for an option to the “packaged and homogenous.”

We especially like Tool kit’s expert kitchen area, made up of stainless-steel freestanding systems scaled for compact house settings and offered à la carte. All surface areas are simple to swab down– however open-storage-phobes ought to look somewhere else. “A kitchen area is a tool,” states the business. “Tidiness and durability– with unneeded functions eliminated– are appealing.”

the company took inspiration from restaurant fittings and devised a lineup of & 9
Above: The business took motivation from dining establishment fittings and designed a lineup of “independent systems” that enable individuals to tailor their own setups– and take them with them to their next quarters. For a pleasant mix, Tool kit recommends layering in wood pieces with the stainless-steel.
“no frills needed,” says toolbox of its worktables. un 10
Above: “No frills required,” states Tool kit of its worktables Systems with single and double drawers are offered with open and closed under storage.
a toolbox corner configuration. note the ventilated under shelves. 11
Above: A Tool Kit corner setup Keep in mind the aerated under racks.

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